John Lloyd Cruz Shows How to Have a Good Time on a Rainy Day


Toni Gonzaga (Julie) stands up against bullies as she defends her little brother, Clarence (Rence) who was being forced to step down as class president by his classmate on “Home Sweetie Home’s” episode this Saturday (July 18).

Eddie (Izzy Go), Rence’s classmate who lost the race for class president, accuses Rence of using his ate Julie’s influence to win. Rence, who won fair and square dislikes the bullying and loses enthusiasm to go to school, until Julie sees Eddie and some of Rence’s classmates bullying her little brother. Julie immediately defends Rence and lectures Eddie about the huge impact of bullying.

Meanwhile, because of the torrential rains, floods and power interruption affected Julie and Romeo’s home. To make use of the idle time indoors and to uplift everyone’s spirits, Romeo leads the family bonding by showing fun ways to have a good time at home on a rainy day.

What will Julie say to Rence’s bullies? What indoor activities will Romeo introduce to his family for all of them to bond and enjoy time at home? Find out this Saturday.

“Home Sweetie Home” is a weekly Saturday sitcom on ABS-CBN that promotes good values by showing relevant situations each week that affects all members of the family.

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