The Star Magic Twitter Account that Released a Statement About a Video Scandal is Hoax

Star Magic

Last weekend, I quoted a tweet from the Twitter handle @starmagicphil because I thought it’s the official Twitter account of Star Magic, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN. The tweet that I quoted is embedded below and as you can see, it was favorited 3,383 times and retweeted 5,079 times. This same tweet was also quoted by the Manila Bulletin which gave me more assurance that it’s official.

But it’s not.

I received a call from the Corporate Communications Department of ABS-CBN yesterday informing me that the @starmagicphil Twitter account is a hoax account. I removed this tweet right away and edited the article. However, this was picked-up by several blogs.

I’d like to apologize to my readers for neglecting to check if the Twitter account that I’m quoting from is verified or not. It’s a valuable lesson that I learned (checking the authenticity of the tweets) and I’d like to share to the bloggers who picked-up my post to edit their entries, too, because the Twitter handle @starmagicphil, like I’ve said, is a poser.

Star Magic’s official Instagram account, by the way, is @starmagicphils.

I asked ABS-CBN and Star Magic if they have an official statement regarding their two talents who allegedly have scandal videos that were leaked online over the weekend, they said “none as of the moment.”

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