TV5 CEO Noel Lorenzana Receives Mansmith Market Masters Award


TV5 President and CEO Noel C. Lorenzana was recently honored at the first Mansmith Market Masters Award (MMMA), which acknowledged him as a visionary and a brilliant “ideas person” who has influenced people not just as a marketer but, more importantly, as a leader.

The first and only recognition for senior marketers based not just on corporate performance but on mentoring Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (Mansmith YMMA) winners, the MMMA honors marketers who excel in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and whose achievements encourage and inspire young people to be innovative entrepreneurs and outstanding brand builders.

The TV5 top executive was nominated for the MMMA by his mentee Gladys Chan, who is herself a Mansmith YMMA awardee. During the awarding program, he was introduced by another one of his mentees and also a Mansmith YMMA awardee, Jane J. Basas, who described him as “the man behind many great marketing campaigns such as Rexona’s First Day Funk, Clos-Up’s Lovapalooza, Dove’s Real Beauty, Smart’s Live More, Talk ‘N Text’s Araw-Araw Panalo and, most recently, TV5’s Happy Ka Dito.”

“A master is not only someone who is a genius in his field, but is someone who advances the art by dutifully teaching his pupils so that further genius can be developed. And [Noel Lorenzana] has certainly done so, possibly having mentored the most number of YMMA awardees,” Basas emphasized.

Lorenzana’s marketing prowess and leadership skills combined have allowed his companies to make great strides toward a sustainable future. “I have always believed that great, responsible marketing can be a force of good in creating products and services, brand philosophies and points of view that have the power to change and improve people’s lives,” Lorenzana said in his MMMA acceptance speech.

He stressed the need for marketers to be mentored to become students of life, “to be curious about the world, and to learn about people and what motivates them, to be able to listen not to what people are saying but rather to what they are not saying.” He concluded his speech by describing the best marketers as “those who lead without titles but rather lead with inspiration of a vision for the consumer, the organization, and the team pushing the envelope.”

In celebration of Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards’ 10th year and Mansmith and Fieldes, Inc.’s 25th year, Mansmith continues its thrust of building a supportive environment in the marketing community by recognizing extraordinary marketing mentors who foster the spirit of excellence among the next generation of marketers.

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