My 10 Favorite Travel Photos on Instagram in the Last 10 Months

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I love Instagram. I’ve been an IGER (Instagrammer) since 2011 and selecting my 10 favorite Instagram entries from a total of 3,617 of what I posted so far is a daunting task. So I decided to pick my 10 favorite posts in the last 10 months instead and they’re all travel photos from exciting places that I’ve been to in that period: Shanghai, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Phuket and Singapore.

My 10 Favorite Travel Photos on Instagram in the Last 10 Months

1. Shanghai Skyline as Viewed from the Bund (Snapped 41 weeks ago) – This is an instant favorite. I took this photo using my iPhone 5s at the waterfront area in Shanghai called “The Bund.” With this amazing skyline, you can never do wrong with your photo. It looks awesome at night, too!

A photo posted by Wander More ( on

2. Praying old woman at Ngong Ping Village in Hong Kong (Snapped 14 weeks ago) – I took this photo at 6:00pm on a Black Saturday and it touched my heart. The caption explains why:

My favorite snap from my Hong Kong journey is not about the city’s skyline nor its skyscrapers, not even the popular landmarks, but this picture of an old woman at Ngong Ping village knelt down praying. This photo that I’ve taken around 6:30pm this evening touched my heart, humbled me in so many ways, and assured me that whoever we are in this world, however imperfect we may be, there is a supreme being who cares for us, and who gives meaning to our existence. In just a few hours come Easter Sunday. A day in a year that reminds us that because He lives, we can face tomorrow’s trials and challenges. Because He lives, we can #LiveMore.

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3. Gardens By the Bay (8 weeks ago) – Hashtag #NoFilter and still, it looks incredible. I made a side trip to Singapore last May to greet the country a Happy 50th Birthday.

4. Nara Park in Nara, Japan (Snapped 15 weeks ago) – I rode a bicycle all morning at this postcard-pretty Nara Park in Japan where you can have close encounters with deers.

Nara Park

5. Me outside the Hogwarts Castle, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Osaka, Japan (15 weeks ago) – Ok I admit, my no. 1 agenda when I went to Osaka Japan is to have my picture taken outside the Hogwarts Castle. And of course, to try the no. 1 dark ride in the world which took more than 2 hours of waiting because of the endless line.


6. Everland Theme Park in South Korea (25 weeks ago) – Everland is a Disneyland among Koreans and it’s located in the province of Gyeonggi-do. It’s quite memorable to me because this is where I experienced a real snow for the very first time!


7. Me with Popular Korean Cartoon Characters Pucca and Garu inside the Seoul City Hall – Apparently, this booth inside Seoul City Hall is not only for a meet and greet session with the popular cartoon characters but you are also being broadcasted live on Korean television. Hello Mom and Dad!


8. A miniature of Russia’s St. Basil’s Cathedral at Aiins World in Bucheon, South Korea (35 weeks ago) – Aiin’s World is a theme park located in the province of Bucheon featuring miniatures of world’s most popular structures and landmarks.

St. Basil

9. View from the Upper Sphere of Orient Pearl Tower in Shanghai (41 weeks ago) – I love going to observation decks of tall buildings and this one has a picturesque view of the circular footbridge.

Top of Orient Pear Tower

10. The Village Coconut Island in Phuket, Thailand (6 weeks ago) – This is our home for four days in Phuket, a peaceful villa in a paradise island.

A photo posted by Edsel Roy (@starmometer) on

So that’s it, my 10 favorite travel stories in the last 10 months as told by these photos that I posted on Instagram. If you want to see all of my travel photos, simply track the hashtag #WanderMore or visit my travel website

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