Amy Perez Shares Some Cooking #Diskartips


Amy Perez-Castillo is a mother of three boys namely Adi (17 years old), Kyle (6 years old), and Isaiah (2 years old). Despite her very busy work schedule, the TV host and radio presenter makes it a point to prepare healthy and delicious meals for her kids with the help of Clara Ole.

During the Movie Night Potluck Party last Saturday, June 27, at Raya Gardens, we were able to chat with Amy for the new webisode of “Rubbing Elbows.” We asked the celebrity mom the favorite dishes that her husband and kids are always requesting her to cook, how she enrich her knowledge in cooking, and what is her family’s favorite bonding time. She also shared some cooking “diskarte tips” that you will find very useful in preparing dishes for your own family.

Watch the full interview here:

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