Blast From the Past: ‘I Love You Sabado’ TV Commercial Will Leave You Nostalgic


While looking for viral videos to watch on YouTube, I came across this old TV commercial called “I Love You Sabado” by Jollibee. In an instant, it hit me and compelled my mind to walk down memory lane. The infectious jingle which goes “I Love You Sabado, pati na rin Linggo” made me feel nostalgic and brought me to the time when me, my mom and dad were having our lunch at a Jollibee nearby after going to church. It has been a family tradition of some sort that we eat outside during weekends and I can still recall vividly what we usually order: Chickenjoy,  Jolly Spaghetti and regular yumburger! That’s why I grew up always looking forward for the weekends to come. 

Tomorrow is Saturday again. The excitement that I feel from the good old days came back after watching the said TVC. Suddenly, a light bulb moment struck me. Why don’t I visit my mom and dad tomorrow and take them to the nearest Jollibee branch. I’m sure they will also remember those times when I’m still living with them. Those moments that even though we’re not yet financially stable, we have the weekends to look forward to and enjoy life’s simple joys.

Watch the nostalgic TVC below and if you’re an 80’s or 90’s kid like me, I’m sure you’ll get sentimental, too! 🙂

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