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My office last weekend has a climate of less than 22 degrees and a spectacular view of the world-famous Taal Volcano. Although I’m miles away from my usual habitat, I can still blog, check emails, update my company’s social media accounts, layout our upcoming book, do some editing works, and set a virtual meeting with my artists and writers. Yup, that’s my everyday routine even on weekends. And the convenience of having an LTE-powered smartphone and laptop enables me to do all that and become productive anytime and everywhere I go.

Since I love to travel and part of my life as a blogger is to go to far places and write about my experience (blog about hotel accommodations, attractions, flight experience, etc.), innovations like LTE and roaming when I’m outside the country have been very helpful, and sometimes crucial, in order for me to live my life on the go with total ease. Even mobile applications like Waze, MMDA app and Google map have been an important part of my daily routine.

For example, if not for the MMDA app, one to two hours of my precious time everyday will be wasted to traffic. Because I can check the traffic situation in the Metro in real time, I can strategize on the best time to hit the road and/or find an alternative route. It saves me up to two golden hours each day so I can blog more and check my online store ( and do other things.

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Another example is the Waze app. Last Saturday I was invited by Mr. Rene Alcala, a world-renowned Filipino furniture designer, to try his newly-opened Domicillo Design Hotel in Tagaytay. I was able to drive from Makati to Tagaytay without the hassle of asking people for directions because of this amazing app. Getting lost is no longer an excuse. 🙂

You, too, can have a digitally-connected and worry-free lifestyle if you will live a Smart Life. Just like me, you can be productive wherever you go.

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