This Father’s Day #BeedaSiTatay

Beeda Si Tatay Through the Years

This Sunday, the 21st of June, is Father’s day. Many of us will treat our dads to a fancy restaurant and/or buy a small gift for our father to celebrate this date just like how we celebrate Mother’s Day every second Sunday of May.

And to put the spotlight on what we call our “haligi ng tahanan,” Jollibee came out with a special tribute video featuring a father (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO) and how he courageously faced all life’s obstacles for his wife and daughter through the years. And when the time comes that he will give the hand of his daughter to the man she loves, we can feel a soft pinch to the heart as the father’s reaction highlights the unconditional love he has for his child.

Filipino dads come in different varieties. There are tall, small, fat, slim…good, bad and indifferent ones. After watching the video, I realized that I’m blessed to have a good dad just like the star in the #BeedaSiTatay short film.

I’m an only child that’s why my parents kinda spoiled me a bit. I can remember how my dad bought me a Transformer toy when I was 7 years old. We’re living in Orani, Bataan that time and my father came from Manila where he bought the toy. It cost P200, and that time it’s one of the most expensive toys in the market. My mom was not in favor of spending a big amount of money for a plaything but my dad knows how I longed for it and I know he sacrificed some of his needs in order buy it for me, and see the ‘jolly’ reaction on my face.

My dad is also a protective father. We’re walking towards home one night when we came across a “devious” soldier along the road. Wearing a camouflage suit, the man started talking to my dad. My dad prompted my mom to take me inside the house which is only around 50 meters from where we were then he continued chatting with the soldier. I know with simple things like that when I was growing up that my father is protecting me and my mom from any possible danger. I felt his courage that time and the scene created a vibrant flashback in my memory that I will never forget.


Coming back to the part where my dad spoiled me, he always brings home my favorite food: barbeque, apple and most of the time, Chickenjoy. Just like any other kid, I love fried chicken. Me and my dad (and our two dogs), we love Jollibee Chickenjoy for dinner. And every Sunday after going to church, we eat at a nearby Jollibee store to order…you guessed it right…Chickenjoy. That’s why this Father’s Day, I’d like to treat my dad, my mom, our help and our two dogs with a bucket of Chickenjoy to somewhat continue this tradition.

Indeed, food can bring back good memories. And in my case, it reminded me of my growing up years with my dad.

Have a Jolly Father’s Day everyone!

Para sa mahal at pinakamatapang kong tatay

Ngayong darating na June 21, i-celebrate nating lahat ang pinakamatapang na lalaki sa buhay natin kasama ang Jollibee. Dahil this coming Father’s Day, #BeedaSiTatay! :)We're also on Twitter & Instagram: @jollibee

Posted by Jollibee on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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