Derek Ramsay Featured in US Travel Show ‘Planet Primetime’


“Planet Primetime”–the US television show from the Travel Channel–will feature Derek Ramsay and the special finale of his adventure-reality program, Extreme Series.

Pop culture entertainment addict and “Planet Primetime” host Karla Cavalli (she graced ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ recently) travels around the world to explore the wildest, funniest, and most popular television programs the planet has to offer. From Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum competition to Japanese game shows to India’s Bollywood comedies and Isreal’s dramas, “Planet Primetime” uses television as a cultural touchstone to provide a window into the soul of a nation. To get a real understanding of the place, Cavalli can’t just watch TV – she has to participate, whether it’s a bit part on a Columbian sketch-comedy series or an ice dancing competition in Russia.

When it comes to the Philippines, the program chose to look closer at Derek Ramsay’s Extreme Series as the program shoots its much-awaited season finale.

Derek will jump off a helicopter 15-feet above sea level and plunge 30 feet deep into the sea below him. From there, he will swim and meet Karla at the shores of Camaya Coast where he will challenge the American host to climb a coconut tree.

Can they do it? Find out at the action-packed season finale of Extreme Series: Kaya Mo Ba ‘To?, this Saturday, 9:00PM on TV5.

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