#PogiAlert – Carlo Atienza MD, Another Hot Doctor in Town

Mark Agas

A couple of months ago, a handsome ophthal- mologist from St. Lukes Hospital broke the internet, so to speak. His name is Mark Agas and he became an overnight sensation when netizens found out a 28-second video of him on YouTube. In a matter of hours, his photos spread overnight on Facebook and Twitter as thousands of admirers became curious about him. Netizens called him “McDreamy,” the tag which used to refer to Patrick Demsey’s character (Dr. Derek Shepherd) in the hit TV series “Greys Anatomy.”

Dr. Agas was also part of Cosmopolitan’s 69 Bachelors in 2011, the year when he finished Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas.

Mark Agas Cosmo

Now meet McSteamy.

This hot doctor’s name is Carlo Atienza and he recently acquired a Doctor of Medicine degree at Far Eastern University NRMF.

Carlo Atienza in Trunks

If Dr. Agas is an ophthalmologist, Dr. Atienza is on track to become a surgeon just like the character of Mark Sloan “McSteamy” on Grey’s Anatomy.

Surgeon in Training

Just like Dr. Agas, he’s also a part-time model.


And also a Cosmo Bachelor Hunk!

Carlo Atienza Cosmo

And he sure loves to work out.

Carlo Atienza Body Under Construction

Carlo Atienza Beach

Here’s the bad news for all the girls (and girls-at-heart) out there. Dr. Atienza is already taken. He has a girlfriend who is also a doctor and to date, while checking his Instagram account, they’re still together. 🙂

Carlo with GF

Photos of Dr. Agas are from his Instagram account @markagasmd

Photos of Dr. Atienza are from his Instagram account @carloatienza_md

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  1. Sama nyo naman kay Dr. Atienza. Bakit mga Atienza puro singkit? Mas type ko si Mark Agas. Pogi!

  2. mas gwapo si Dr. Mark Agas kesa sa kanya

  3. Gwapo kaya

  4. Anonymous // June 16, 2015 at 4:55 pm //

    katawan lang meron. hipon.

  5. Hot? Not really.

  6. Hipon.

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