‘Agila: Laban ng Lahi’ Docu Airs on ABS-CBN’s Sunday’s Best

Agila Laban ng Lahi

ABS-CBN looks into the fight for survival and current state of the Philippine eagle, which faces continued threats of hunting and deforestation that threaten its dwindling population in a special documentary titled “Agila: Laban ng Lahi”” that airs on ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best (June 14).

Deep in the forests of Davao live the most unique-looking and powerful eagles in the world. But though they are the most powerful predators in the sky, they are powerless against poaching, deforestation, and depleting food supply. Regarded by the United Nations as critically endangered, the Philippine eagle faces the possibility of never being seen in the wild by future generations.

The documentary also traces the parallels of the Philippine eagle family and the Ibañezes of Malagos, Davao City, an average family trying to eke out a living in a vastly changing economic landscape.

Jayson and Bing Ibañez, who work at the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), have devoted their lives to tracking and studying the Philippine eagle and regularly spend months at a time up in the mountains, working even through sickness and lack of supplies. But with a growing family and their daily existence at stake, sacrifices need to be made. Will they give up the life they have devoted to caring for the Philippine Eagles?

Complemented with exclusive Philippine eagle footage shot by internationally acclaimed wildlife cinematographer Neil Rettig, this is the Filipinos’ first chance to see the majestic bird up close in high definition video.

This project, produced in partnership with Cornell Lab of Ornithology in New York and the PEF in Davao, aims to inspire the nation to come together for the conservation of its national bird that, as will be seen in this documentary, is so very like the ordinary Filipino.

Don’t miss “Agila: Laban ng Lahi” on ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best this Sunday (June 14) after “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

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  1. I hope and pray that Filipinos will realise, we should be proud of our Philippine Eagle, and start taking care them and their environment.

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