‘Dare the Younghusbands’ Redefines Reality Shows

Sports fans are in for a great treat as TV5 presents football superstars Phil and James Younghusband in a new light as the brothers take on sports challenges in their weekly reality show, Dare the Younghusbands.

Following the successful run of their thrilling YH Tube, the Younghusbands gear up for the redefinition of what a reality show should be for true sports fans as well as for viewers who want to veer away from the normal drama associated with the genre.

Be ready as the Happy Network fills up your cravings for adventure, action and intensity every Saturday afternoon. With Dare the Younghusbands being a comical, informative and action-packed show, Phil and James will try their hand in other sports by challenging some of the country’s top athletes with hopes of beating them at their own game, proving that they are more than football players but certified sportsmen who will take on any sports challenge. Watch the brothers as they put attempt to give their best in tackling various sports that they are not accustomed to, including Basketball, Volleyball, Billiards, and Jiu Jitsu.


Will Phil and James triumph and overcome every sports challenge in their new show? Dare the Younghusbands airs on TV5 at 2:30pm on June 13 and June 27 and at 2pm every Saturday thereon.

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