Chanel Morales Paired with Mark Roque on TV5’s ‘Wattpad Presents: Secretly in a Relationship with a Gangster’

Wattpad Presents Secretly

A modern tale of love and trust gets featured in the next offering of TV5’s primetime series WATTPAD PRESENTS. Based on Sujuanjell’s popular online novel, which now has 4.5M reads and 46,000 Wattpad votes, WATTPAD PRESENTS “Secretly in a Relationship with a Gangster” stars TV5 artist and Artista Academy scholar Chanel Morales, who will give life to the charming character of Yuka. She is joined by showbiz newcomers Mark Roque and Joshua Ouano.

WATTPAD PRESENTS “Secretly in a Relationship with a Gangster” is a thrilling love story about Yuka (Chanel Morales) and her secret boyfriend Daryl (Mark Roque), the fierce campus gangster. The unlikely couple met and fell in love, but what makes their love story so striking is their need to protect each other even if it means hiding their relationship. What follows is a compelling love story about two opposite individuals who have to follow their heart and evade everyone around them at the same time. Can they withstand the pressure from the snooping public? How far will Yuka and Daryl go in protecting their relationship?

WATTPAD PRESENTS “Secretly in a Relationship with a Gangster” airs Monday to Friday at 9pm, beginning tonight, June 8, exclusively on TV5.

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