Inigo Pascual on Breaking Away from His Father’s Shadow: ‘It was really hard at first’

Most kids dread getting into the family business — but not Inigo Pascual. But he’s got quite the big shoes to fill, with his dad, Piolo Pascual being one of the most famous actors in the country, known for his heartthrob good looks and solid acting chops. When he officially debuted in showbiz, comparisons were inevitable, and his name didn’t come out in news articles and interviews without mention of his dad’s. Inigo, a 17-year-old young man who grew up in California, saw this as an opportunity rather than a disadvantage. Instead, he embraced his identity and didn’t let his dad’s shadow dampen his spirit. Rather, it became his motivation. “It was really hard at first,” the budding actor admits.

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“Growing up I used to watch my dad perform. One time he did a show in the US, and I went up on stage after the show, and I looked at how nice it was from the stage. I was like, ‘I’m next.’ I told myself I want to do this for the rest of my life,” he recalls. Ever since that defining moment, Inigo has put his foot into his father’s world, determined to make a name of his own. All his hard work seems to be paying off, as his schedule is filled to the brim, including a new movie with top young stars Nadine Lustre and James Reid, a new teleserye with TV darling Julia Barretto, and a new solo album in the works. With several projects up for him, there is no stopping Inigo – whether it’s the hardships that come along with the job or the constant comparisons being made between him and his father. “Even if I barely get any sleep and there are so many expectations, at least I really enjoy what I’m doing. There are so many things I get to explore,” he says. Piolo once told Inigo to be patient, and that “his time will come.” And he was right.

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