Uniqlo Releases Jollibee T-Shirt Line for Southeast Asia


Last May 26, 2015, two Asian Business giants – the Japanese fashion retail mogul UNIQLO and our country’s homegrown global fastfood chain JOLLIBEE – collaborates and creates Jolibee T-shirts.
In its efforts to bring closer to more people around the world, UNIQLO continually partners with global brands for its t-shift line to provide people more huge choices in terms of T-shirt designs. This year, UNIQLO opted to put a local touch to its global connection with JOLLIBEE where UT will be sold in South East Asian countries – Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

The collaboration with Jollibee, UNIQLO’S is just the first of its series of partnerships with local Filipino brands with global appeal.

According to Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer of Family Retailing Philippines. Inc.’s, “Jollibee and UNIQLO share the same golal of providing a valued offering to every Filipino family as UNIQLO offers clothes for everyone.”

Jollibee Philippines President Joseph Tanbuntiong expounds that, “Our collaborations with UNIQLO affirms Jollibee’s place in the hearts of Filipinos and its status as a proudly Pinoy, internationally recognized icon. Aside from being a fast-food chain. Jollibee has grown to become a symbol of Filipinos – jolly, joyful and family-oriented.”

This limited edition of Jollibee T-shirt line features the Jollibee’s logo and its eponymous mascot as the main T-shirt design. This ever-smiling logo is the country’s one of the most well-loved and well-known icons in today’s Filipino culture. The smiling bee evokes memories and moments of joy in the hearts of people.

UNIQLO is the leading apparel brand in the world that has always been true to its vision of providing a clothing line that transcends beyond age, gender, occupation, ethnicity and all other ways to define its people. Its line of apparel are simple yet savvy, essential and universal that consumers can freely combine to create a person’s individual style.

The UNIQLO ASEAN T-shirt line supports UNIQLO’S Life Wear philosophy where simple every day wear has evolved into quality garments to benefit consumers in their daily lives.
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