PH’s Amanda Wins Episode 9 Photoshoot of Asia’s Next Top Model 3


Here are the highlights of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 Episode 9:

· As the moderator of the model house, KB’s elimination made the house even more divided than ever. Gani and Monika’s relationship has not improved at all, and Aimee voices her opinions about who should have really been sent home

· Teaching the models: The girls head over to Evolve MMA studio where they are greeted by Joey, Rich Franklin, One Fighting Championship Vice President, and Bruno Pucci, Brazilian Jujitsu World Champion. The girls pair up and learn the hidden techniques of mixed martial arts, where they learn that a top model must have good balance and posture

· Challenge 1: After the session, the girls head to the Acro Polates studio. Joey and Ming Leong, Aerial Instructor at the studio, challenge the girls to do a series of difficult poses, all on a suspended ring. While Aimee impresses the judges straight away, Barbara’s competitiveness kicks in and her goal was to beat Aimee in the challenge

· Spa treatment: Barbara wins the first challenge and picks Gani to indulge with her in the sensations of a luxury spa treatment. The rest of the girls head home, and Amanda, Aimee and Monika quickly run off to have their own mini spa day at home, leaving Tahlia left out of the activities

· Challenge 2: This week’s photoshoot is all about creating beautiful body shapes, all while being suspended in the air. Alex Perry reveals his gorgeous, flowy gowns for this week’s shoot. Gani loses control on the harness and the will to model. Amanda snaps out of her delusion and significantly improves this week, impressing everyone with her poses and eventually wins best photo for the second time. Another Pinay, Monica, is believed to be in second place.

· Deliberation: Gani breaks down after her review, knowing that she may as well be going home because she let the pressure get to her and that her performance dropped significantly. The judges really start to think about the girls’ careers and choose who still gets to be in the competition carefully. In the end, they decided to eliminate Tahlia from Indonesia.

[Provided by Star World to Starmometer]

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