7 Most ‘Mapangahas’ Moments on Matanglawin (Video)

Since multi-awarded educational program “Matanglawin” started seven years back, Kuya Kim has become the country’s one and only Trivia King known for doing fearless and daring stunts for the sake of knowledge. As the program celebrates its 7th year, we give you a rundown of Kuya Kim’s seven most “mapanuri, mapagmatyag, and mapangahas” moments on Philippine TV:

7.) Feeding crocodiles like a dandy.

Kuya Kim trooped to Malabon zoo to feature some crocodiles but ended up feeding them instead. Of course with chickens.

But Kuya Kim felt unsatisfied that he had to go all the way down south to Bunawan, Agusan del Sur to visit the largest crocodile, Lolong. Thankfully, he did not end up like Crocodile Dundee.

6.) Kuya Kim as a target dummy in K9 training.

Ever wonder how it felt to be the target of a K9-in-training? Kuya Kim played the part and came away with a few bruises in the name of knowledge.

5.) Riding a high-speed pendulum (and screaming his lungs out in the process)

Having his son dare him to go for a ride that will turn your stomach in and out, Kuya Kim was a trooper when he went for it. Kinda reminds you off Enchanted Kingdom’s Anchors Away and the nauseous feeling it goes along with doesn’t it?

4.) Kuya Kim the Leech Lord?!

We’ve all had that fear of leeches for their ability to suck your blood off, and that’s a powerful threat by the elderly against five year-olds. Kuya Kim? Nah, he’ll wade across a stream full of the slugs and act like he was just itchy from a mosquito bite.

3.) A different kind of high?

Kuya Kim experiences highs when he’s out on the trail, adventuring, discovering and meeting all those wild animals for his episodes.

But he was in a different kind of high, literally, when he took on the job of a window cleaner…hundreds of feet from the ground.

2.) Getting bit by a monitor lizard and acts like it was just a love bite.

Kuya Kim’s adventures also have misadventures, which he turns into interesting segments (seriously, this guy is unbelievable). Take for instance this moment where he was bitten by the monitor lizard he was handling. He goes full Monty Python and treated it as nothing but a flesh wound…as blood poured out from the bite.

1.) Gets buried alive…for the sake of, yep, knowledge!

No one would want to be in a casket, alive and get buried six feet under. Well, except, Kuya Kim. He did not let getting buried alive stop his crusade for knowledge. Aha! Top that.

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