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Your Place or Mine

When 19-year old B.S. Psychology student Haley Saavedra (Andi Eigenmann) gets drunk in a bar and have a one-night stand in the plush condo of a stranger named Clay Russell Sandoval (Bret Jackson), little did she know that he will be part of her life more than she expected.

Wattpad fans are in for a real treat as the movie outfit that brought you hits DIARY NG PANGET and TALK BACK AND YOU’RE DEAD, comes another one of its best-selling online stories on screen.

Viva Films presents YOUR PLACE OF MINE written by Turning Japanese is directed by highly-respected and award-winning director Joel Lamangan and stars Andre Paras, Viva Princess Andi Eigenmann, and the controversial, up and coming showbiz newcomer Brett Jackson.

In YOUR PLACE OR MINE, Haley and Russell’s once hot rendezvous leaves them wanting for more especially when they bump into each other one school day where both Haley and Russell are attending.

However, the blossoming romance may seemed short-lived as Haley’s dad who is in debt have arranged Haley in a fixed marriage. For love family, Haley reluctantly agrees with the set up, however what could have been a forced marriage.

Haley is relieved to find out during the “family business meeting” that the person she is about to be engaged to is Russell. Russell is not just a handsome face on campus, as this head-turner Campus soccer player happens to be a scion of the Saavedra Group of Companies. The said set-up is a huge advantage as both gets the chance to do what they wanted to do before.

But plot twists after plot twists, Russell’s older brother Ralph and Russell’s embittered ex-flame Camille (Ashley Rivera) enters the scene. Camille who is out to get Russell back reveals that the fixed marriage is not with Russell but with Ralph, and as Haley confronts Russell about this truth she eventually walks out on him.

Seth (Andre Paras), Haley’s close friend who has a secret love for her, swoops in to save Haley from her pain as he allows her to pour her out alll her disappointments even if it hurts him more. Despite the pain, Seth goes to Russell and informs him about how deep Haley loves him.

At the day of the wedding, Haley walks into the Church where Ralph and Russell are both waiting by the altar. Love triumphs as Haley’s mom, Amanda (Jackie Lou Blanco) gives Haley’s hand in marriage to Russell instead of Ralph.

So is it really ‘happy ever after’? Not yet as it seem as another twist in the plot may prove to volatile this time for Russell and Haley’s marriage when Russell’s first love Kirsten enters the already picture perfect relationship. Will the entry of Kirsten strengthen Haley and Russell’s marriage or will this be the breaking point of their marital bliss?

Catch YOUR PLACE OR MINE and will be shown on April 29 in Cinemas across the country and meet the vibrant cast around the Metro:

– April 19 (SM Bacoor) at 530pm
– April 25 (SM Clark Pampanga) at 2pm and Ayala Marquee Mall (530pm)
– April 26 (SM Manila) at 5pm and Lucky Chinatown Mall (7pm)

“Your Place or Mine” Trailer:

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