Charo Santos-Concio’s Message to PCTA: ‘Choose right content for right consumer’

ABS-CBN president and CEO Charo Santos-Concio highlighted the importance of matching the right content for the right consumer in producing excellent and value-oriented shows that reflect the culture, aspirations, and values of the Filipino cable TV audience.

Charo Santos Concio

“At ABS-CBN, we have the privilege to first know the consumer very well before we develop content. We invest a lot in knowing even the hidden desires of every segment of the market,” said Concio in a special message at the Philippine Cable Television Association (PCTA) convention.

She said ABS-CBN is able to develop highest-rating shows because of the company’s dedication to understanding consumer knowledge and taste that are mirrored in ABS-CBN programs.

“Our shows that do not even have big stars have turned into big hits just like the Jodi-Richard starrer, ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ because we value the interest of our consumers,” she elaborated.

The PCTA convention is the annual largest gathering of the cable TV industry where cable operators and broadcast practitioners learn more about current practices and trends in the industry. The convention’s theme for this year was “Content, Connectivity, Consumer,” where speakers provided insights to innovations that the cable TV industry can utilize to continuously adjust to the demands of the times.

In her message, Concio also said that the PCTA is the authority in knowing what the relevant content for the Filipino is and suggested that cable operators must choose content that resonates with good Filipino values.

ABS-CBN head of narrowcast and OIC of Access Group March Ventosa said that understanding the Filipino audience is key in developing the best stories.

“The Filipinos inherent storytelling trait is something that we at ABS-CBN imbibe in our culture. We start by listening to the Filipino audience and strive to be the best storytellers,” he said.

Ventosa, who heads the Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) arm of ABS-CBN that include cable channels Cinema One, Balls, Hero, Jeepney TV, Lifestyle Network, and Myx, told the delegates that extensive research about what lies deep in the hearts of audiences are reflected in the various programs of the channels.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN head of Integrated Sports Dino Laurena shared with delegates that content can evolve throughout the years through effective and innovative ways and that the broadcast industry can connect more people to enriching sports content.

According to Laurena, sports programming in the Philippines has changed because channels such as ABS-CBN Sports + Action and Balls Channel have crafted their programming in an entertaining manner that has engaged, educated, and exposed more Filipinos to the world of sports.

ABS-CBN subsidiary Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) was the co-presenter of the PCTA convention.

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  1. si GOZON kumikita para sa sariling bulsa…kaya mga artist nya “LOW CLASS” parang GMA din…hawa-hawa lang..

  2. Ang GMA7 ay kumikita sa pamamagitan ng panloloko ng mga investor.

  3. TALKMALL // April 18, 2015 at 7:51 am //

    well kumikita ang abs from lower middle class and up. ang gma naman from mahirap pa sa daga to lower or even the upper middle class. sila yung tipong mayaman pero baduy ang taste hahaha

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