10 Interesting #SugodManny Videos on Instagram

The heat is on! As the fight of the century--Mayweather vs. Pacquiao--draws nigh, Filipinos express their full support to their Pambansang Kamao by posting a video of their "knockout moves" on social media.

Sugod Manny

If you’ve been living under a rock in the last few days, there is a movement called #SugodManny and it’s currently spreading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Track the said hashtag and you will find a lot of people–celebrities, bloggers and madlang people–doing their own “knockout” moves to express their full support to Manny Pacquiao who we consider our national pride. You, too, can show your support to our Pambansang Kamao for the world to see!

The mechanics are simple. First, show your own “knockout” move. It does not necessarily have to be a punch move. It can be anything you’re good at like singing, dancing, karate stomp, taekwondo kick, acrobatic exercise, unusual talent, etc. Then upload the video of your “knockout” move on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. In the caption, describe your “knockout” move and include the hashtag #SugodManny. Nominate 3 of your friends to do the same by tagging them and that’s it! You’ve done your share in boosting the Filipino fighting spirit that will eventually lead Pacman to victory.

Meanwhile, I compiled 10 interesting videos from the SugodManny hashtag and each one is unique in their own little way.

The #SugodManny Video with a Hollywood Star Cameo

This one from @daelee features no less than action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme as his antagonist.

A video posted by Dae Lee (@daelee) on

The #SugodManny Video with a Beauty Queen Swag

Former Miss Universe finalist @supsupshamcey showcased her tsunami walk in her video proving that her presence alone can throw a punch.

The #SugodManny Video with Dazzling Special Effects

Well aside from yours truly who used CGI animation, travel blogger @libotero also utilized a wonderful app that transformed himself into a Pinoy Naruto and released a fireball from his palms.

The #SugodManny Video with Slow-mo Magic

Young model @richardjuan adds a little drama to his knockout move by setting it in slow motion.

The #SugodManny Video Ala ‘Fast and Furious’

Ok, this is actually a play on words. In the tradition of “The Fast and the Furious” films, @aqc showcased his mini cooper in this video with the word “mini” replacing “manny” but still considered a knockout move just the same.

The #SugodManny Video with a Short Story

Actress @whianwamos showcased her acting skills by doing a silent short film that tells a “knockout” story.

The #SugodManny Video Dubbed with a Famous Sound

The Dubsmash app has been getting a lot of attention from netizens lately and @sanyasmith007 used the app’s popularity to show her support to Manny.

The #SugodManny Video with Several Moves In Sync with “Eye of the Tiger”

DJ @ginoboi931 features several knockout moves in his video to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger,” the popular theme song of the Oscar-winning boxing saga “Rocky.”

The #SugodManny Video with Not Just One but Two Simultaneous Punches

Binibining Pilipinas finalist @wynmarquez showcased her #winning knockout move by doing two simultaneous punches instead of one.

The #SugodManny Video with Animal Stampede

And lastly, let me share my own knockout move. Shot early Easter morning at the Avenue of the Stars in Hong Kong with the use of a tripod, iPhone and a wonderful app called FX Guru, the video features a stampede of animals who are also supporting the #SugodManny campaign. ūüôā

Have these videos whetted your appetite yet for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather megafight? I’m sure you’re excited as I am and you will not miss it for the world. So if you want to catch the “fight of the century” live on May 3 with no commercial breaks, well you can at the palm of your hand!

Download the Viewstream app on your mobile device and subscribe to the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight for only P499 (promo price is until April 26 only). You don’t need a credit card to pay for the subscription because you can simply charge it to your Smart, Sun or Talk ‘n Text account. For prepaid subscribers, you can use your load as payment. As a bonus attraction, you will get the chance to watch Pacquiao’s exclusive training footage shot in the US and videos of his previous fights.

To feed your anticipation even more, check out exclusive #SugodManny videos and contents on Smart’s social media channels:

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And if you are posting a photo of your own knockout move on social media, there are Manny Pacquiao-themed templates on the Camera 360 app that can jazz up your entry. And when discussing about the upcoming megafight with your friends on Pico Candy, Viber, Line or WeChat, there’s a lot of exclusive Manny Pacquiao stickers that you can use.

Don’t forget our battlecry. #SugodManny!

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