‘Gangnam Blues’ Starring Lee Min Ho – Movie Trailer

Asian Superstar Lee Min Ho debuts on the big screen via the hit action movie "Gangnam Blues." The tagalized version of the film opens today, March 4, 2015 in SM Cinemas.

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“Gangnam Blues” is set in Gangnam, the southern part of Seoul, during the height of political corruption in Korea. Lee Min Ho and co-star Kim Rae Won play orphans in a slum area, growing up like brothers. When their homes are bulldozed, they get separated, only to meet again years later as heads of rival gangs hired by powerful groups fighting over dominance of Gangnam.


Helmed by Star Maker director Yoo Ha (“A Dirty Carnival,” “Once Upon a Time in High School”), “Gangnam Blues” is heavy on action with Lee Min Ho proving to his fans that he is more than just a pretty face.


Viva International Pictures, MVP Entertainment and SM Lifestyle Entertainment joined forces in bringing the tagalized version of “Gangnam Blues” to local cinemas for Filipino moviegoers to enjoy without the language barrier. And giving it a more Pinoy feel is the use of Freddie Aguilar’s iconic song “Anak” in the film’s soundtrack.


“Gangnam Blues” opens today, March 4, exlusively in SM Cinemas and Waltermart Cinemas nationwide.

Watch the trailer here:

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