‘Two Wives’ Finale: Who Between Yvone and Janine Will Get the Last Laugh

The unconventional story of infidelity brought to Filipino viewers by “Two Wives” is about to end soon.

Two Wives

The top-rating primetime soap hasn’t ended yet but its lead stars Kaye Abad and Erich Gonzales are already feeling mixed emotions for their upcoming finale.

“Of course I’m sad that the show will end because I will surely miss everyone, even the character of Yvonne,” said Kaye.

“I also feel sad, but happy, in a way that show will end with the management very pleased with the outcome and with the fans really supporting us until the end,” said Erich.

Both women also admitted that “Two Wives” is a very special soap to them. For Kaye, playing Yvonne is a big break for her career, especially that she is one of the show’s lead stars.

“The management took a very big risk for giving me this project,” Kaye playfully quipped.

Meanwhile, for Erich, “Two Wives” gave her the opportunity to play bida-kontrabida for the first time on television.

“This is my first time to do a bida-kontrabida role. I accepted it to challenge myself. I don’t want to typecast myself in a specific role. Many people got affected with Janine and this is when I realized that it is really hard to do such roles because viewers can’t help but get carried away with the story. They thought its really happening in real life,” explained Erich.

For months, viewers have passionately pit Yvonne and Janine against each other, along with the various men in their lives— Victor (Jason Abalos), Albert (Patrick Garcia), Dale (Rayver Cruz), and Kenjie (Daniel Matsunaga). Aside from consistently winning the ratings game in its timeslot and from trending on social media every weeknight, “Two Wives” success has also been evident in how Yvonne, Janine, Victor and Albert became household names and a topic for discussion among friends, family, colleagues, and more.

As the program’s finale draws near, everyone is eager to find out how Yvonne and Janine’s intense rift will end. When will revenge stop consuming them? Who will emerge victorious in the end? Is there a room for forgiveness for both of them? Since this is a local adaptation, will the story of the Pinay “Two Wives” end just like that of their Korean counterparts?

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  1. Tessie Sweet // May 21, 2020 at 11:15 pm //

    I think we should be sensible enough to know that all that was mere acting and not a reality.
    That is just a movie that reveled what most people are going through in real life….

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