J.Co Donuts: Not Too Heavy, Not Too Sweet

I have issues with donuts. Usually, this dough confectionery has more than 15grams of sugar, tastes uber-sweet and gets too heavy in the tummy. But J.Co is different. Their donuts are bursting with flavor yet they are not too sweet!

JCo Media Launch

Last February 18, I was introduced to Indonesia’s leading cafe–J.Co Donuts and Coffee–via a familiarization event at their Glorietta 4 branch. J.Co has been in the Philippines since 2012 and I have to admit, this is the first time that I got to taste their products because I’m not a fan of donuts in the first place. And I must say, it’s a pleasant discovery! Their donuts are not too sweet compared with other donuts (4 brands come to mind) making it not so heavy to the tummy.

The first flavor that I’ve tasted was the “Alcapone.” They call it the most wanted donut inspired by the famous mobster Al Capone. It’s an instant favorite because it’s topped with a generous amount of crunchy Californian almonds and a hint of white chocolate.


My second favorite is what I’d like to call the “Ensaymada Donut.” Officially, it’s called the J. Club Cheezy Rich, a donut sandwich topped with generous amount of cheese.


And if you’re really hungry, try their donut sandwiches called the “J.Club.” My pick that day was the J.Club Sausage, a donut sandwich with tender slices of sausage with fresh zucchini, lettuce, and tomato sauce.


And of course, the J.Club Salami – a donut sandwich with chicken salami, fresh vegetables, cheddar cheese, and tomato sauce.


And since the event was a J.COFFEE media launch, we were able to witness how the Jcoccino (J.Co’s Signature Cappuccino) is being served.


The Jcoccino and fresh shots of espresso perfectly complements their delectable donuts and donut sandwiches. It boasts of Italian-roast coffee beans with distinct Arabica beans from the Indonesian provinces of Sumatra and Sulawesi–two of internationally-acclaimed coffee-producing regions.

J.Co peeps emphasized how special these Sumatra coffee beans are–that these beans are picked by hand and processed using the wet-hull method, which removes the outer skin of the coffee cherries mechanically, and storing it up for a day, which results to reduced acidity and increased body, making the caffeine rustic and strong. Sulawesi, on the other hand, is a southeastern highland where multi-dimensional coffees are grown and could be distinguished by their expansive flavor with full-bodied richness. Similar to Sumatran coffees, the cup profile of Sulawesi has been called deep and brooding, with muted fruit notes and often an overpowering spicy quality. While the Sumatra and Sulawesi coffees highlight the J.COFFEE cups, J.CO’s special blend used in its espresso shots offers a full-bodied, medium acidity profile with a bitter-sweet citrus note which makes for a perfect base for hot, steaming cups of coffee especially when sipped in the form of their signature JCoccino, J.CO’s very own version of the cappuccino served warm. Besides their high-quality coffee beans, J.CO takes pride in the skill and creativity of their baristas who are aptly named Coffee Experts. Supported by their Coffee Specialist counter-parts from J.CO International in Indonesia, these Coffee Experts are equipped to prepare J.CO’s unique coffee blends and create not only palate-perfect but also visually beautiful coffee beverages in the form of craft latte art.

Because of these pleasant discoveries, J.CO Donuts & Coffee Glorietta 4 branch will now become my new favorite hangout. Less sugar on donuts + less acid on coffees + the relaxing atmosphere of their concept stores are perfect for me. And soon I’d like to wander over to their newest café concept store at Forbes Town Center, and perhaps more pleasant discoveries are waiting for me there.

To know more about J.Co Donuts & Coffee, like their official Facebook Page at or visit their website at

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  2. pang mahirap na donut buy one take one ang peg.

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