Phil and James Younghusband to Host TV5’s ‘YH Tube’

Starting February 21--Sports5--the country's leading authority in sports events coverage and entertainment will air a new show that will surely bring out the fun in the sports but definitely the funny side of it in YH Tube.


Hosted by two of the country’s popular football players Phil and James Younghusband, these two well known brothers will show the true meaning of sibling revelry as they take a break from serious sports stuff and share some good laughs, pranks, and Tagalog nose-bleed lines on the show.

“We wanted to show a different side of Phil and James,” Sports5 Manager Vitto Lazatin explains. “Everyone knows them as two of the best football players to ever don a Philippine Jersey. They’re talented athletes and dedicated to the game of football. But now they get to show their funny side. The two have a lot of personality and they like a good laugh like everyone else. All that will come out on YH TUBE.”

Truly a welcoming break for these well-known sports siblings who have shared their passion for football on the field and also on cam.

As serious athletes they are part of the Loyola Meralco Sparks and the men’s national football team while on television, they have shared their passion for football basics for the past three years through FYI: Football Younghusband Instructional which aired regularly on AksyonTV .

See the crazy and funnier side of sports, as Phil and James treat Kapatid viewers to a collection of sports bloopers in the country and around the world.

Watch the Younghusbands on YH TUBE every Saturday at 4:30 pm starting February 21 as they feature tons of sports’ comedy of errors that viewers will surely enjoy.

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  1. pauline mae aduca // February 26, 2015 at 7:39 pm //

    i want to view some videos of yh tube

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