Sarah Geronimo Reveals the Secret for Being ‘Simple, Beautiful, Everyday’

HBC's San San Cosmetics has chosen the perfect endorser for their products - Popstar royalty Sarah Geronimo.


Sarah who has remained “Simple, Beautiful, Everyday” despite her long line of achievements, is truly the best person to emulate what these make-up products can do for you.

The popstar princess, whose roster of achievements include multiple platinum albums, sold out concerts, numerous awards, blockbuster flicks and the latest feather in her cap is her recent Disney project, has remained beautiful both on and off cam.

Sarah for SanSan

A true blue role model for this generation, it is important that Sarah chooses her endorsement very carefully especially something as personal and as important as beauty products. However, choosing San San was no brainer for her, as there are a lot of things she loves about the product.

“I really love how San San cares for my skin. I have to wear make-up for long hours because of my job, so it is good that San San gives nourishment to my skin, kahit maghapon akong naka make-up, and it is even perfect for everyday use,” Sarah points out.

“On cam, I’m always glammed up,” Sarah further explains. “When I’m on break from work, I go for an all-natural simple look because that’s who I really am. When you’re true to yourself, you become more confident and that confidence makes you beautiful.”

During the recent launched of San San products wherein she was introduced as its newest endourser, Sarah proudly advocated and admonished women to embrace their natural beauty by being simple.


Sarah prefers to use these products as San San has vitamins A, C, and E plus anti-oxidants that make her skin healthy while giving her ample make-up coverage and colors that she needs so that she looks her best everyday.

She also adds that HBC’s San San Cosmetics offers a wide variety of choices in colors that is perfect for the Filipina skin and proudly expresses her enthusiasm as the newest face of these products. “I’m so happy to be part of the San San Cosmetics family and I am looking forward to share with everyone about its wonderful products.”

Sarah for SanSan poster

5 Comments on Sarah Geronimo Reveals the Secret for Being ‘Simple, Beautiful, Everyday’

  1. panung mas sikat ang GMA singers???? ehhh hindi na nga makapuno ng concert!!!! while Sarah Geronimo can have 2 concert na sold out ang tickets and her endorsement speak that her on top of everyone else.. Just sayin

  2. the best tlaga si SARAH…Idol!!!

  3. Create Your Own Identity Princess daw!!! // February 17, 2015 at 9:41 am //

    go princess enjoy your fame nothing in this whole wide world is Permanent . enjoy enjoy !!!

  4. PrettyValugs // February 16, 2015 at 1:51 pm //

    Sarah? Mas SIKAT pa ang GMA SINGERS kaysa diyan! Lipas na ng panahon si Sarah! Go Julie Anne San Jose! Worldclass GMA, just sayin’..

  5. Wow! She’s pretty inside and out 😍😍😍

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