Epi Quizon’s Character Kills Young Boy to Get Insurance Money in ‘Ipaglaban Mo’

Epi Quizon plays Ador, a desperate man who had no choice but to kill a young boy just to claim a big amount of money from a life insurance company this Saturday (Feb 7) in “Ipaglaban Mo.”


Ador found Tolits on the streets and adopted him so that he can help out in his piggery. When Ador’s childhood friend and insurance agent Asiong (AJ Dee) saw the child, he thought of an evil plan— to get Tolits a life insurance plan as Ador’s son and kill him afterwards so that they can get money out of it.

Since he is in dire need of money to save his piggery from being foreclosed and to buy medicines for his sick and real child, Ador agreed with Asiong’s plan and connived with Benny (Michael Roy Jornales) to take them to a faraway beach resort where they kill the unknowing young boy.

But fate took a sudden twist when Tolit’s aunt found him and brought him back to his family. Despite being furious about what happened, the three carried on with the plan and killed a random street kid.

How did Ador, Asiong, and Benny get caught? What information will Ador reveal to detective Gabriel (Arjo Atayde) that will change the course of the case?

Don’t miss “Ipaglaban Mo,” the program that empowers Filipinos with knowledge of their legal rights and obligations, this Saturday (Feb 7) after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN. For more updates follow the show’s social media accounts,,

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