Nash Aguas Advises Teenagers: Stay Away from Temptation

“Bagito” lead star Nash Aguas calls on teenagers to value the guidance of their parents, and he hopes that the online forum of their program, “Bagito Hangout,” will be able to help young viewers in need of advice.

Nash Aguas

“’Bagito Hangout’ is a huge help for the youth who seek advice, especially to teenagers like me who are heavily exposed to the Internet and social media. We should all be careful because there are a lot of temptations and bad influences that may ruin our future,” said Nash about the online forum, which is also open to parents who are concerned about their children.

“Bagito Hangout” is the online forum launched by ABS-CBN and Center for Family Ministries (CeFaM) in response to the needs of viewers who seek advice about family, friendship, and love. Viewers and netizens can send their questions to CeFaM counselors at every Monday to Friday, from 6:30PM-7:30PM.

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