Travel: Seeing Snow for the First Time at Everland Resort in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Last year, AirAsia brought me to South Korea to experience Autumn in the country. Earlier this month, the airline company brought me again to the land of Hallyu to experience Winter, the first time in my life that I saw/touched snow and braced a negative temperature!

Everland line

Although daytime temperature in Seoul for the month of January ranges from -3 to 6, it really did not snow during my 1 week stay in the city. Or perhaps it did (while I’m sleeping) at dawn around 4:00am when temperature is at its lowest -9 degrees. So we decided to travel to Everland Resort at Gyeonggi-do province south of Seoul where the upper hills of the theme park are covered with snow.

From Euljio 3(sam)ga station where our hotel is located, we rode the subway train and transferred to 4 subway lines to reach the Ever Line in Yongin. It has a petite train similar to the Hong Kong Disneyland train that connects the MTR to the theme park, only the Ever Line has a longer route with 15 stops.


From the train, you can see that parts of the river are frozen despite the sunny weather.

Frozen River

From the last station, we crossed this bridge where the Everland shuttle bus is waiting for us from the other side.

It's 6 degrees and sunny today outside of #Seoul

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And finally, after more than 1 hour of travel from the city we reached Everland, Korea’s largest theme park which is owned by the Samsung Group of companies.

Tree of Life

Everland is divided into 5 distinct zones: Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure.

The entrance is located at the Global Fair, primarily a place for food, theaters, souvenirs and pictures. After we bought our tickets (we saved 8,000 won by the way by using the discount coupons from the brochure that we got from the airport), we watched the uber cool K-Pop Hologram Concert right away.

K-Pop Hologram Concert

Entrance to the Hologram concert is included in the one-day ticket that we purchased at the discounted price of KW29,000 (P1,162.47). And since we brought our passport, we received a free handwarmer and some souvenirs. This is a treat to foreigners and you should ask for it or show the online coupon from the official Everland website at

Here are some snaps from the Global Fair:


Pororo 3D Adventure

Everland Cable Car

And to get a glimpse of the whole park, I rode the Sky Park:

Sky Park

Cable Car 2

Cable Car 3


Some snaps from the Magic Land:


Spooky Fun House

Everland Stage and Roller Coater

Some snaps from the European Adventure:

European Adventure 2

European Adventure

Romantic Garden

And of course, the main reason why we went here–to see snow!


The Winter Wonderland section features the Snow Buster where we rode a tube to sledge down the dynamic slopes of ice. It features a tube lift, all you gotta do is ride the tube and it will take you to the top of the sliding course.

Snow fun


Riding the Snow Buster

1 Day is not enough to cover all sections of Everland, it’s definitely one of the largest theme parks in the world. And since it’s so big, we were not able to see Zootopia, Four Seasons Garden, Amazon Express, and performances like “My Love Tarzan,” “Seal Performance,” “Lenny and Lara Band,” “Amazing Toy Club,” and 3D and 4D attractions like “Pororo Adventure,” “Madagascar Adventure,” “Mystery Mansion.”

I will definitely come back to Everland and try it at a different season to cover all the things that I missed including the extension of the park called “Caribbean Bay.” Summer would be perfect.

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