Viral Video: Pope and Poppert of ‘The Voice’ Remind Pinoys that God Never Sleeps

The past few days have been emotionally-charged and inspirational ones for most Filipinos.

First, the Philippine visit of Pope Francis have reignited the faith of Catholics as the pontiff touched millions of lives with his warmth and his encouraging messages.

And as if to cap the week, the song “Natutulog ba ang Dios” was sung on TV by The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 hopeful, Poppert Bernadas with a heart-piercing performance that moved the audience.

These two men, coincidentally with similar-sounding names, were instrumental in making us remember that God watches over us and never slumbers whatever situation we are in.

Watch a music video of Poppert’s performance including clips from the papal visit with a funny introduction and ending from Jessa Chichirita, a nail technician whose impromptu duet with Poppert also went viral.

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