Use Chat Apps Even Without WiFi with Smart’s #SuperMessaging10

Mobile messaging apps like Line, Viber and WeChat became immensely popular in 2014 and continue to attract users this year.

Super Messaging 10 square

I, for one, is using WeChat as my no. 1 mobile messaging app because of its cool features that help me get something to blog about from the entertainment scene. I love the app’s friend radar and real-time location sharing capability which I find very useful when I’m traveling abroad with one or group of friends. And of course, the group chat capability help me connect with my authors (yes, I’m handling a group of Wattpad writers) and talk about what kind of story they would like to write next, publishing deals, etc. With WeChat’s cloud storage, all the stuff that we talked about are never lost in case I need to jump to past conversations to check some important matters.

And since most of my authors are Smart prepaid subscribers, I encourage them to avail Smart’s latest offer–The Super Messaging 10. This unbeatable promo gives unlimited text and unlimited chat (Line, Viber, WhatApp or WeChat) for one whole day WITHOUT NEED FOR WIFI CONNECTION for only P10. This way we can text and chat using FB Messenger or WeChat anytime without data charges and even in places without wifi.

Learn more about this promo by visiting and by watching the #SmartSuper10 TVC below:

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