Kuya Kim Celebrates Birthday in Thailand

A different kind of birthday celebration awaits Kuya Kim as he bonds with his friends from animalandia in Phuket, Thailand this Sunday (Jan 25) in “Matanglawin.”


The birthday boy goes sightseeing around the place while riding on top of the gentle giant, which will also amaze Kuya Kim by playing soccer and painting.

Monkeys, on the other hand, take care of the entertainment with long-tailed macaque Miggy showing off his tricks.

The biggest surprise for the Trivia King would have to be the tiger, which is the largest one he has ever seen in his life. He not only sees it in the episode, he also gets the chance to hold it and sit beside it.

Don’t miss Kuya Kim’s special 48th birthday celebration this Sunday (Jan 25), 10 AM, in “Matanglawin.”

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