Nadine Lustre Talks About Her Last Things (Video)

In an interview by Candy Magazine, Nadine Lustre talked about the last song she sang in the car, last food she ate, last pair of shoes she bought, last place she visited to relax, and other last things.


Watch the quick interview here:

And here’s Nadine on the cover of Candy Magazine’s Dec/Jan issue:

Nadine Candy

7 Comments on Nadine Lustre Talks About Her Last Things (Video)

  1. o my g kilig much talaga ang jadine para siyang candy sa sobrang cute

  2. nyxcroixxy13 // March 10, 2015 at 12:02 am //

    Nadine was not imitating Kathryn, for your information! It’s just that they have an angle were they really look alike, the way she smiles or anything, but still they are different. Maybe you people think that she’s imitating Kathryn because of some simple reasons that you knew Kathryn first, which I would say, very unreasonable.

  3. Nadine has nothing to do with anybody else’s look. She has her own outstanding beauty that rose her to fame. The mere fact that she’s just starting her career and edged already those who’s in show business for years is a huge phenomenon. It’s just hard for you people to accept that.

  4. Do you even know what’s the meaning of the word “imitate” Huh. You’re acting so much like a fool.

  5. mark rojas // January 10, 2015 at 10:56 am //

    Nadine , do not imitate kathryn bernardo style of
    smiling. you really like to look like her.
    you look like Jasmin Trias of American Idol runner -up
    but you stiil want to look like kathryn bernardo.

  6. mark rojas // January 10, 2015 at 10:47 am //

    nadine should have her own identity, do not imitate kathryn bernardo, , looks like she is the shadow of kathryn
    also do not imitate the hair style, have your own style ,like julia barreto, liza soberano , they have own identity and also tell your make -up artist do not copy kathryn bernardo how to make-up her self. your make-up artist imitating how kathyrn make-up thats why you look like her.
    Nadine have your own identity ,do not be a shadow of kathryn bernardo.

  7. I love it when Nadine don’t wear too much make up. So fresh and beautiful. Hindi nakakasawa. 🙂

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