Kean Cipriano Teams Up with Chanel Morales in ‘Wattpad Presents: Game of Love’

People say that love blossoms in the perfect time, within the perfect situation and for the perfect reason. But what will happen if four people all try their luck by playing the game of love all at the same time?

Game of Love

For the week of December 15, WATTPAD PRESENTS proudly brings the TV adaptation of aine_tan’s “Game of Love” which has almost 6 million Wattpad reads. Featuring Kean Cipriano, Chanel Morales, Nicole Estrada and Phytos Ramirez, this mini-series features the tale of four people trying their luck and eventually getting entangled in the game of love as they try to find their significant other. Find out how Jin (Chanel) and Gab (Kean) team up in order for Jin to win back Zeke (Phytos), her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her, while Gab tries to score a date with Mica (Nicole), his ultimate crush. Is love really a game that everyone has to play and win or is it something destined to happen?

Completing the cast of this kilig primetime mini-series are Marlon Mance, Val Victa, Sheila Marie Rodriguez and Ms. Almira Muhlach

Learn the moves and strikes on how you can perfectly score in this gamble called love on WATTPAD PRESENTS “Game of Love”, starting this Monday, December 15, 9pm, only on TV5.

“Game of Love” Trailer:

“Game of Love” Meet the Characters:

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