Meet the 7 ‘Talentadong Pinoy 2014’ Hall of Famer

Get to know more about the seven Talentado Hall of Famers vying for the P1 million grand prize in tonight's "Talentadong Pinoy 2014: The Battle of the Champions" on TV5.


Who among the seven Hall of Famers will find favor from the seven talent scouts: Ms. Pilita Corrales, Cherie Gil, Gelli de Belen, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Richard Gutierrez, Jaya and Charice:



Anyone who has seen this Cavite-based dance group perform will easily figure out why they’re called Tazmania to begin with. Their extreme dance moves does easily recall that Looney Tunes character, the Tazmanian Devil or simply Taz.

It’s this devil-may-care attitude on the dance floor that has also resulted in a recent injury to one of the members named Eric, who recently lost most of his teeth when he hit the floor in one of their performances.

The most remarkable thing about this 17-member group, whose youngest member is 12 and oldest is 30, is how they’re able to maintain their chemistry despite the entry of new members and the retirement of senior ones.



Born Lariza Jane Cabaltierra, this Quezon City native is a member of the Chameleon Dance Theater who has stopped her studies in order to dance full time and teach ballet to kids as a means of sending her younger sister to school.

A big fan of celebrity pole dancer Ciara Sotto, Miztiq started to pursue aerial dancing after she saw her colleagues doing these breathtaking stunts. Like Eric of Tazmania, Miztiq also accidentally hit her head on the floor during one of her rehearsals.

As traumatizing as that incident was, it only strengthened Miztiq’s resolve to win this competition. Making it a point to pray before performances, Miztiq is hoping the show’s talent scouts (judges) will also answer her prayers with a favorable verdict.



Born Neil Ray Garcia, this beatboxing artist from Davao City is very much aware that outside of Ultimate International Talentado Penny Salcedo, no singer or musical talent has ever won the Ultimate Talentado title.

Neil, who says his name is an acronym for “Never Exit in Life”, hopes to change that by hoping to deliver an extraordinary performance in the grand finals. He enhances his beatboxing prowess with fancy footwork and riveting choreography.

With no less than the King of Pop Michael Jackson as his musical hero, he believes he can be just as much as a showstopper without necessarily resorting to acrobatics or any other type of dangerous stunts.


BMG Wheelchair

If you ever make the mistake of telling Julius Oberon what he can’t do, he is likely to surprise you with all the things he can. Bound to a wheelchair, Julius is a living example that passion has no limits.
Together with his teammates from the National Team of Wheelchair Dance, Julius and his group have just won the silver medal in an international competition. For Julius, using one’s feet is not the only way to dance gracefully.

Small wonder he and his dance partner Rochelle Canoy have made it among Talentadong Pinoy’s Hall of Famers and are now in a position to become this year’s Ultimate Talentado.



Not everyone can play with fire. But if there’s any duo that knows how to spark excitement everywhere they perform, it’s the uncle and nephew team of Florendo and Joseph Mayo from Mindoro Oriental.

Originally a solo performer, Florendo has been doing poi dancing for the longest time and is regarded as one of the best fire dancers in Puerto Galera. He later found a protégé in Joseph who turned out to be a very fast learner.

Now performing as a duo, they are able to deliver awe-inspiring performances that are double the excitement and double the fun.



Originally a singer who fronted her high school band, Amaya Isabel Gonzalez later lost her interest in music when she discovered her love of traveling and food.

Helping out in the family’s food business came at the cost of gaining weight, however, so Amaya looked for a way to shed those unwanted pounds. That’s when she became fascinated with the art of pole dancing which not only helped her regain her lean and mean figure but also became her latest passion.

Expanding her repertoire to include her equally captivating aerial hoops routine, Amaya is a sight to behold as she suspends herself in mid-air while hanging on a large hula hoop.


Escapade Blazing Color Guards

Former members of a drum and lyre marching band, these boys joined a group whose original members had departed to form another dance team.

Specializing in flag-turning, the group’s dazzling performances have carried them up to this point. Still supported by the group’s former members, Escapade’s current dancers devote their weekends to practicing to ensure they’re always at their best with every performance.

What audiences should really watch out for is how these boys, whose look seems inspired by the Silver Surfer, will elevate their show to dazzling heights.

Find out whose act will join the league of previous Talentadong Pinoy Ultimate Talentados Yoyo Tricker, Joseph The Artist, Astroboy, Penny Salcedo, Sandugo Guardline and Spyro Marco.

Hosted by ultimate action star Robin Padilla, with co-hosts Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and Tuesday Vargas, “Talentadong Pinoy 2014” Grand Finals Night airs Saturday, December 13, 7p.m. on TV5.

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