Richard Yap to Star in New Kapamilya Teleserye in 2015

Forty seven-year-old actor Richard Yap reveals that he will star in another teleserye after the successful two-year run of morning series “Be Careful With My Heart.”

Richard Yap

“I will take a rest for a month first. They are thinking of a story for a teleserye for me that may begin in February. They already came up with an idea, but the full story and cast are not yet complete,” he shares in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” airing this Thursday (December 11).

Will he finally get his dream to star in an action project in his upcoming teleserye?

But before the teleserye airs, Richard’s comedic skills will be put to test as the leading man of Vice Ganda in “The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin.”

He insists that despite his stern roles on television, comedy comes naturally to him.

“I love making other people laugh. Before, I was always an ‘alaskador,’ or maybe until now,” he quips.

Richard reveals more about his life and career in this episode of “Tapatan Ni Tunying.”

Don’t miss “Tapatan Ni Tunying,” anchored by Anthony Taberna this Thursday (Dec 11) at 4:30 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. For updates, follow the program’s social media accounts,, and

11 Comments on Richard Yap to Star in New Kapamilya Teleserye in 2015

  1. edzel pandon // February 11, 2015 at 5:59 am //

    tama k jan.bsta ABS CBN no.1.GMA no to the runk.gya2 nmn yang mga GMA wlang ORIGINALITY.lht na yta ng plbas ng ABS CBN gnagya nla.LOSER GMA.

  2. // January 6, 2015 at 8:37 pm //

    Whatever happens I’m still kapamilya.

  3. // December 13, 2014 at 9:08 am //

    Hahayyys….mga GMA talaga oh….parsing ryt d nman…. Banana….GMA no.1? Ano raw? Actually, I love so much for abs CBN ….from my bottom abs is no. 1….

  4. hot ni joey hahaha… katol pa more!

  5. GMA_cheapangka // December 11, 2014 at 7:17 am //

    GMA7 ang worst class tv station of the Philippines. hahahaha

  6. Hot daw c joey de leon yuck! Ung bundat n burogburog ang mukha na madalas mang away ng kapwa artista! class b GMA? D nga makabili ng helicopter..

  7. Ang GMA Nitwork nagpagawa ng sariling car ang pangalan World Class? Bakit kasi REALISTICALLY, d kaya tapatan ng GMA and KUMIKINANG na WORLD CLass na totoo ng ABS CBN..Sige nga,list all the things that make GMA World Class?Naku baka mapahiya lang kayo..Oo world class nga kayo kaya shabu pa hahaha

  8. Ah yong bitter na baklang Joey. Na laging bitter sa ABS na Hindi naman cya pinapaki alaman

  9. cutie ni sir chief

  10. @hallersinokanga hahahahahaha you make me laugh!!!!
    world class ka dyan!!! TFC kami dong oi!!!

  11. hallersinokangaFromPinoyExchange // December 10, 2014 at 6:00 pm //

    sorry but mas hot pa si joey de leon sa kanya dahil taga gma sila and we are worldclass..

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