Radyo5 Takes Public Service ‘Taxi Squad’ to Greater Heights in Davao

Picking up the pace from the unprecedented success of its membership recruitment and renewal activities in Metro Manila and Cebu, Radyo5 “Taxi Squad” steered its way this time to Davao, heeding the call of over a hundred-strong Davaoeños who had long wanted to be part of this trailblazing public service campaign that is already winning recognition and accolades from prestigious award giving bodies.

Taxi Squad 2

The much-anticipated “Nasa Tama” workshop, which was held in the garages of Davao’s biggest car companies, kicked-off with a seminar on traffic rules and regulations, back-to-back with a discussion on grooming conducted by the LTO. This was then followed by a helpful crash course on proper news reporting led by News5 Reporter Paolo Anota. A PhilHealth helpdesk was likewise included to assist the “Taxi Squad” members in attendance, all of whom were very delighted as well with the free meals, massages, medical check-ups, and loads of freebies that they took home from generous partners and sponsors.

Similar to its aforementioned nationwide runs, the “Nasa Tama” workshop ultimately aimed to further strengthen the “Taxi Squad” Davao community as a more credible news force. On top of this, the exclusive event also focused on enhancing the intrinsic values expected of these “Taxi Squad” members.

But more than just growing the entire Radyo5 “Taxi Squad” force by number, the even more remarkable story is how the “Taxi Squad” Davao community took it upon themselves to take their already significant role in society to even greater heights. Since its launch in the ‘Crown Jewel of Mindanao’ in December 2012, the Radyo5 “Taxi Squad” Davao community has undeniably become an effective and strategic partner of TV5 in delivering exceptional standards of public service to the Davaoeños — ultimately going above and beyond their role as TV5’s extra ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’.

On top of being citizen-journalists-on-wheels, the “Taxi Squad” members have also proactively taken to heart their roles as front liners of the local city government and the local tourism industry. From being true to their pledge of honesty by immediately returning items that were left behind by their passengers, to being vigilant motorists, these particular “Taxi Squad” members have inevitably made an impact in promoting the positive image of Davao.

Indeed, Radyo5 “Taxi Squad” has embraced public service and has truly impacted the society in more ways than one. As TV5 Davao Station Manager Tayna Miclat puts it, “It was during the very first investiture of ‘Taxi Squad’ members in Davao back in 2012 where we emphasized their importance as the front liners of the local city government and the local tourism industry. As citizen journalists, their role also calls for honesty and trustworthiness, so the riding public would feel more secure and their news reports more believable.”

Radyo5 Taxi Squad

With the growing number of “Taxi Squad” members and their undeniably significant role in delivering news, Miclat also shares the future plans for the program, “The ‘Taxi Squad’ will soon have a regular news segment in Radyo5 101.9 NewsFM. We have lined up a series of training aimed at furthering their role as ambassadors of local tourism. We also intend to train them on how to act as immediate responders in times of disasters — such as floods, fires, earthquakes, among others.”

Radyo5 “Taxi Squad” event was made possible through the generous support of Talk ‘N Text. Generous local sponsors like Julie’s Bakeshop, KBA Ad Promo, International Pharmaceutical Inc. (IPI), University of Mindanao- Psychology Department, Davao Doctors Hospital- Nursing Department, and The Big House likewise supported the event.

For any questions and inquiries about Radyo5’ “Taxi Squad”, please contact the hotline +63909 411 1180.

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