Teams Mag-Ama and Team Nerds are Eliminated from ‘The Amazing Race Philippines’

After an emotionally charged episode last Saturday and despite the second chance they got from the non-elimination leg, it seems like mag-ama AJ and Jody Saliba are not destined to race any longer.

Team Magama

Meanwhile, nerds Vincent Yu and Ed Manguan’s strategy wasn’t able to save them from this week’s predetermined double eliminations.

As the race took the remaining six teams from Bohol to Iloilo, the father-and-son tandem was able to bounce back to the second place, giving them a huge chance to be part of the season’s Final Four racers. However, every other team in the Race thought their ‘second chance’ is unfair and used their U-Turn cards on them. Chefs Roch Hernandez and Eji Estillore, last week’s pit stop winner and one of the teams who voted against the Mag-ama, said 52-year-old AJ needs to rest since the challenges are already catching up on his age.

For this leg, the teams had to eat bowls of authentic La Paz Batchoy at Netong’s Original La Paz Batchoy in a public market in La Paz before proceeding to Sunset Royal Beach Resort in Anhawatan, Oton to accomplish an Intersection task that required them to body-paint with a member of another team following the traditions of the Iloilo Paraw Regetta Festival. From the body-painting challenge, teams headed to Mandurriao Public Market for a Detour task and to Iloilo City Proper for a challenge that required them to ask locals to lead them around the city while blind-folded. The latter challenge proved to be very meaningful and life-changing for the racers as they discovered that their next clue would be handed over by handicapped, blind young students named Tammi and Marvi. The racers also discovered that the supposed pit stop at the old Iloilo Rehabilitation Center was “infested with zombies” and they had to “battle the undead” before finally getting the clue, which led them to the “new” pit stop located at a higher ground: the Heliport of Injap Tower in Mandurriao — one of the highest points in Western Visayas.


Dating Couple Matthew Edwards and Phoebe Walker had a great start during the beginning of Leg 8, which eventually got them the first spot and a PHP 200,000 pit-stop prize from PLDT Home Ultera. They were followed by magkapatid Jet and Yna Cruz and chefs Roch and Eji who met at the pit stop to be checked-in second and third placers, respectively. “Miracle Boys” Mr. Pogi buddies Kelvin Engles and John Paul Duray secured themselves the final safe spot at the fourth place, leaving teams Mag-ama and Nerds out of the race.

Despite their loss, team AJ and Jody said they have no regrets and admitted the Race was one of the most life-changing parts of their lives:

“We raced as hard as we can. Fair as possible, and as fast as we can. Unfortunately it was a double elimination. But no regrets,” said Jody in a tweet on their team’s official Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Vince and Ed, despite not being one of the most loved racers this season due to their cunning and pragmatic strategies, thanked everyone who supported them:

“Amazing ride, amazing experience, amazing eight legs. Thanks to everyone who supported,” said Ed in his Instagram account.

Now down to the Race’s final four teams, the remaining two legs promise viewers a lot of heart-stopping action and real-life drama as teams Dating Couple, Magkapatid, Chefs and Mr. Pogi will be facing ordeals testing their patience, strength of relationships, remaining stamina, and ultimately, their will to win.

Who will become part of the Top 3? And who will emerge as the ultimate victors of this season’s Amazing Race?


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  1. paindis-indis // December 2, 2014 at 4:27 pm //

    Bacolod City thought all along that THE AMAZING RACE PHILIPPINES after the Bohol leg vvould come to their shore but AFTER HE BOHOL EPISODE it vvent straight to tloilo and after that it goes to Cagayan de Oro for the final leg,. .It vvas indeed hurting for the Negrense that their province vvas evaded, so to speak, by the ARP vvhen they already savv, from time to time in the trailer that their masscara festival spiritedly vvas dancing…

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