Buy Items on Google Play by Using Your SMART Load!

I've been waiting for this service for quite some time now and finally it's here! Instead of using your credit card, you can now pay for digital content like music, books, movies, games and apps by using your SMART load!

Smart Google Play

Gone were the days when you need a credit card in order to purchase apps on Google Play. Now, you can purchase all the apps that you’ve been looking for on Google Play even if you don’t have a credit card. All you need is your SMART load as mode of payment and you’re done!

And of course, you can also use your SMART prepaid account in purchasing e-books from Buqo, download mobile games from GameX, watch movies from Viewstream and Blink and have access to millions of songs on Deezer. There’s no need to burn your credit cards and pay for those budget-painful interests and surcharges!

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