Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap Lead ‘Global Kapit-Bisig Day’ on Nov 28

Kapamilya viewers all over the world are set to join forces for the “Global Kapit-Bisig Day” on November 28 (Friday) as the country's number one feel-good habit “Be Careful With My Heart” airs its final episode simultaneously on ABS-CBN and The Filipino Channel website (TFC.TV).

Maya Ser Chief

Fans and supporters can also watch the happy ever after of Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ser Chief’s (Richard Yap) love story on the Internet and

For more than two years since it aired in July 2012, “Be Careful With My Heart” has captured the hearts of TV viewers not only because of the good vibes that the story brings, but also because of the good values it teaches about family, reaching your dreams, and love.

In the last two weeks of the show, what will Maya and Ser Chief have to go through together to finally realize their happy ever after?

Meanwhile, before the “Global Kapit-Bisig Day,” the whole cast of “Be Careful With My Heart” will treat fans and supporters with an afternoon full of surprises and production numbers in their grand finale mall show this Friday (November 21), 5PM, at Market! Market! Taguig City.

maya serchief

Do not miss the “moments of love and happiness” in the last two weeks of “Be Careful With My Heart,” everyday at 11:30AM, before “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN’s Primetanghali. For more updates, log on to, follow @becarefulheart on Twitter, and “like” the show’s official Facebook page at

29 Comments on Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap Lead ‘Global Kapit-Bisig Day’ on Nov 28

  1. I really don't know.. // April 19, 2015 at 8:04 pm //

    Sana naman kahit papaano nagka utang na loob naman sya kay Jodi… Partners nga diba dapat hindi lang yung isa yung papaboran nila dapat dinaan sa maayos na usapan hindi yung mabibigla ka na lang magtatapos na!

  2. For 2.4 years, BCWMH was the subject of many of our conversations in the home and outside the home. They occupied so much of our time, because they reminded us of families we left behind in the Philippines. They challenged us to live better lives, inspired us to go above and beyond what we were already doing. I myself was challenged by Maya to be a better person to the point that I would say…What would Maya do? That’s how much she made an impression in my life. She is someone to emulate, not only that she portrays a good role mode in the show, but in her own personal life, she is someone of good character.
    If we learn anything from the show, is their great love for one another. I just hope that as the show end, the friendship that has developed between Jodi and Richard will continue to flourish beyond the show. None of us will ever know, the kind of friendship these two have developed after working together everyday for 2.4 years.
    If Richard doesn’t realize that Jodi is someone that has made a big difference in his life…it’s not Jodi’s loss, but Richard’s. The reason that their tandem has great chemistry, is that Jodi knows how to care for her leading man. Marunong syang mag alalay sa ka partner nya. We all know that Jodi is a very good actress, and she has proven that many many times. She can flourish whoever she is paired with. No doubt about that.
    BCWMH..there is not one word to describe our heartfelt appreciation for the inspiration that you have brought into our lives. To Jodi and Richard, thank you for all the sacrifices you made to give us the most wonderful show. And to all the other casts members, crew and everyone that made the show possible, we will forever be grateful for all that you have given us.
    BCWMH…will forever live in our hearts!!!

  3. Magpasalamat nalang tayong lahat dahil sa loob nang mahigit dalawang taon ay pinasaya nila tayo at gumaan ang araw natin habang sila ay pinanonod at hinde sinisisi pa at gumagawa nang kung ano ano istorya dahil sa magtatapos na ang BCWMH. Sana maisip niyo rin at tanongin niyo na rin ang sarili ninyo nang ganito, HINDE KAYA PAGOD NA DIN SILA ( BCWMH CAST, CREW, PRODUCTION STAFF AND ALL ) KAYA GUSTO DIN NILANG MAGPAHINGA MUNA AT NAPASAYA NAMAN NILA KAMI SA MAHIGIT DALAWANG TAON AT YUN LANG MAGPASALAMAT NA TAYO AT HINDE KUNG ANO ANO ANG KUWENTONG INIIMBENTO NA HINDE NAMAN GALING SA RELIABLE SOURCE KAYA GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE OPENING THAT UNEDUCATED AND DISGRACEFUL MOUTH OF YOURS.

  4. Mula p sa “tabig ilog” sinubaybayan ko na c ms. Jodi sta. Maria.. at tlgng nkpahusay niyang artista.. bukod sa mganda na, matalino at sobrang npkabait p niya.. kya nmn khit cno ang e-tandem s knya ay kya niya dhil mhusay cia… i love u so much ms. Jodi sta. Maria… ur my idol & my inspiration…

  5. The story is nothing super brilliant its te chemistry of the couple which made the show phenomenal, its a rare find and cannot be found easily…but then again let them see for themselves. I would want to see him blunder. Jsm is a good actress she will survive without him. I want him to be paired with good actors anyway hindi yong taga alalay lang sa isang bagito

  6. if indeed it was his decision to end the show then let him be…let him explore his waters and well get drown in it.let him takematured rules..maybe it will suit him because he looks kinda old without jodi by his side…he cant even express himself in interviews. With KA…fine they could play teen parents together bagay pareho naman silsng matanda. Remember the MV they did together it was…like ugh…#hilas or kadiri

  7. For those bashers of Richard Yap

    Richard was asked who he would want to pair with if ever, he did not say he prefers them to Jodi. Get your facts straight.

    The show would not have been this good if not for the chemistry between Jodi and Richard. Just be thankful for the show and say thank you to all.

  8. Hi – guys speak out now – maybe this will be our first and last. Like majority of us abrosd , we vented on this soap opera for relief – one and only desirable filipino soap – now I’m going back reading US/UK daily mail after the show ends. Questions in mind:
    1. In fairness to GLopez he has always admiired Jsm excellent craft & down to earth personality and supported Bcwmh per se, what about CSantos? Why was MLT not shown in east coast?
    2. What is the news about creating a new tandem ? Big Mistake.

  9. Anonymous, I agree what you said about some shows in America lasted years and years..There’s one show i think it started in 2009 but until now still there..Dba nga sbi nla umayaw na daw c Richard Yap..Sa ABS-CBN anu ba tlaga pwede po bang ibalik nyo sila ulit dalawa..Tama ung nabasa ko sa isang comment sabi “kabago bago palng daw ni Richard Yap sa showbiz e ang arte arte na”..

  10. Agree ako sa cnabi mo Laura!!! He’s very vocal to say that he wants to pair with Anne Curtis, baka this time bantay sarado na xa sa asawa nya!! Just saying!! And he wants to pair with Dawn also..Just saying Richard Yap is a little bit unfair with Jodi..Hoping na mabasa ny ito at ng ABS-CBN..Cguro kung iba ang naging partner nya baka d xa sumikat..Asawa nlng kaya nya ipartner nya sa TV bak mas lalo pa clng sumikat!!!

  11. Agree ako sa cnabi mo Laura!!! He’s very vocal to say that he wants to pair with Anne Curtis, baka this time bantay sarado na xa sa asawa nya!! Just saying!! And he wants to pair with Dawn also..Just saying Richard Yap is a little bit unfair with Jodi..Hoping na mabasa ny ito at ng ABS-CBN..Cguro kung iba ang naging partner nya baka d xa sumikat..Asawa nlng kaya nya ipartner nya sa TV bak mas lalo pa clng sumikat!!!

  12. The show has been a first in daytime soap to garner the highest rating. That speaks for itself. It may not be popular to those that are in the Philippines but, it left a very good impression on millions of our countrymen abroad. Initially the acting might have been a bit awkward for both esp. for Richard due to lack of experience but somehow the chemistry is undeniable. Jodi definitely is the better actor. Richard on the other hand possessed the charisma that drew the audience to him. Together they exuded real emotions from a make believe setting. Fans fell in love with their Maya and Richard persona. It was not perfect in the sense that there were loopholes in the story, and the fans noticed them. And yet they were willing to ignore the mishaps just as long as they continue to appear on the screen 24/7. It`s magic that will never be duplicated. They were there at the right time, right venue. Maybe not never, as long as the two are together, I`m pretty sure they will not have to worry about making it. They have a huge following especially overseas. We hope to see them together soon. Or better the whole cast of BCWMH! If the daytime soaps lasted years and years in the USA, this one will, too. Given the right script, and funding from sponsors, they will last for a long, long time. Are you listening ABS-CBN?

  13. Leni Zayas // November 19, 2014 at 6:11 pm //

    whatever their chemistry is! Its magic for me. There is so much love even in acting only. Congrats to both actors Jodi nd Richard. Its wholesome nd lots of values infused. That we are forever grateful to all casts nd team who made an absolute feel good factor in our evereyday lives! Whoever think its OA its your opinion but for us worldwide who love the show there is no one who can change what we feel about it. Happy lang 😘

  14. I also think it’s true about Richard Yap and his team wanting to break away from the show. He has not been secretive about wanting to be paired with Anne Curtis and Dawn Zulueta. He never really expressed any desire to be paired with Jodi Sta. Maria in another project. So much for debt of gratitude. I hope he and his team will remember that his partnership with Jodi is instrumental in making him popular. Not to mention the producers and writers of the show who really made sure that he had a bigger exposure from the show than Jodi did. He was the one who benefited the most (financially and otherwise) out of that partnership. Don’t forget the fans who supported that partnership as well.

  15. I think it’s true that Richard Yap is the reason why the show has to end.. Dba d lang isa nag nagsasabi kndi marami..Ayaw nya na kay Jodi? for what reason? mas matagal na c Jodi kaysa kay Richard Yap..Bakit pinapaboran nila c Yap? Mas gusto ko makita na magkaroon ng marami pang project c Jodi.. Be fair ABS-CBN..

  16. thanks for all the hard work that BCWMH family and all the staff given us a good show also to ABS-CBN.. we will trully miss the tandem of RY and Jodi Sta Maria… , its not only about the story that give us so many lesson to learn, their tandem is so different… marami nrin nman mga story n ganyan sa BCWMH but theirs is…. iba, iba talaga e. only RY and JSM can do that….and were hoping for another project for them…its ending is not the end but its start for a new beggining……its sad that it has to end…WE LOVE YOU BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART FAMILY…..JODI STA MARIA and RICHARD YAP whatever happens your always in our heart

  17. Fedelita C Calderon // November 19, 2014 at 7:05 am //

    Im very thankful to RY and Maya as a leading character of BCWMH is just because they make me always happy every time I watch the show I love them inspiring me , so I hope they will build another type of teleserye like this respectively The Lim family ,the dela Rosa family works hard ,loving nd really they said Kapit bisig pls, give us an another show like this just Maya and Sir Chief , well happy ending on Nov, 28 ,

  18. As much as I will miss the show, what I will miss the most is watching Jodi every single day. I take comfort in the hope that I will see her in more quality projects in the not so distant future.

  19. I give kudos to Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria. This was initially ‘her’ teleserye and her first starring role. However, as the months went by, it became apparent that ABS-CBN used this show to launch Mr. Yap’s career. JSM, being the trooper that she is, took a backseat and just did her job even though she was not being given enough credit. Despite the criticisms she receives both professionally and personally (unfounded and uncalled for, in my opinion), she has maintained her dignity and grace. I admire you, Ms. Jodi and look forward to your projects in the near future.


  21. Gavina.. if you’re fed up watching Jodi, then I’m fed up watching RY acting like a robot. Give Jodi a break… the last few months, she has not been given enough to do in the teleserye. She is a good actress and is being ill-used just to carry the load for RY. RY should attend more acting workshops if he wants to last in this business. Pa-cute and acting ‘masungit’ are not enough requirements for someone to be called a good actor. And the PMPC award for best actor does not count. Nadaan sa bayad at palakasan.

  22. // November 19, 2014 at 1:30 am //

    Thank you for the inspiration and good values you shared to us. Be careful with my heart is the best teleserye for me.. I will be a forever fan of the Lim and Delarosa family. Hopefully there will be a Book 2. Kapit bisig.

  23. avelina garcia // November 18, 2014 at 11:34 pm //

    I will truly miss BCWMH, for the last 3 years this is all I watch, just like everyone else Hook on this beautiful Family fairytale story of Richard and Maya,. We all wishes them more success in Life, for we all felt they have also been a part of our family. thank you writers and producers and all hardworking staff of this production, you all have given us also your love , you all did a wonderful job well done ! BCWMH will always inspire us, and will continue to watch it over and over again, thanks for producing CD”S and DVD. We will treasure DE LA ROSA and LIM’s Family !

  24. azizah mat jisil // November 18, 2014 at 11:12 pm //

    be careful in my heart is the best teleserya. i have seen…’s sad that agood vibes and full of love teleserya like bcwmh has to end…….the best couple…jochard…..hope to see them in another project together…..congrats to all cast and staff for their hard work…….bcwmh…will always be in my heart <3<3<3<3<3

  25. Marilou Mendoza // November 18, 2014 at 10:18 pm //

    Sharing this from a sister: Aida Casambre A MILLION THANKS!
    To ABS-CBN, Ms Ginny Monteagudo-Ocampo, Dir. Jefrey Jeturian, Head Writer Dennis O’Hara, Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria, all actors, production staff and makers of BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART, a million of thanks for bringing to us a story that touched many souls and hearts in every episode of BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART.
    As the show is coming to its end you continue to touch us with a most wholesome, life-giving story that will continue to live in our memories, in
    our heart and in our lives. The show may end on November 28 but the story of BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART will continue in many families, in many homes and in many communities that journeyed with Richard, Maya and the children as they built a home and communities rooted in love and faith.
    Today’s Gospel reading speaks of the talents God gives us to nurture, to multiply and to share. Thank you for your giftedness. Thank you for your zeal in sharing your gifts. As the show is coming to anend I share this prayer with you:
    I praise and thank God for we
    have been companions in the journey
    In the faith and love we
    shared_ we give and bear a living hope
    And we have been strengthened
    in believing in the love of our God.

    Be Careful with My Heart has opened our consciousness
    and deepened our belief that it is in sharing our giftedness with
    each other that we give witness to God’s love and call…
    to act with justice, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with Him. (Micah
    Indeed, so much could be said of BE CAREFUL
    WITH MY HEART. I am certain so many have
    been souls have been inspired and have learned; many relationships have been renewed/reconciled and many bridge of friendships been built and strengthened; many hearts have been ignited to love unconditionally.
    I believe BE CAREFUL WIH MY HEART is not ended when the curtains/doors are closed on November 28. The Story will continue for the call to ‘Be Careful with my heart and with one another’s heart is an endless loving.

  26. Beth VA USA // November 18, 2014 at 9:59 pm //

    To the Be Careful with My Heart Family….thank you all for this worthwhile teleserye . You always make our day every time we watch your show. Sure we gonna miss you. We’re looking forward to a new project for Richard & Jodi together in a movie. Congratulations for the job well done !!! More power to you all !!!

  27. This is excruciating for Filipinos abroad. But if Is it true Ry gave this up for another contract we can’t do anything but accept the ending.

  28. fed up watching jodi. .ending the serye bcwmh is really a good riddance! Give RY a break we do not want them to be paired again and again should there be another serye in a similar plot, it’s boring seeing those kissing, hugging, bed scenes, etc. it’s too much!

  29. Daezzy Yap // November 18, 2014 at 9:22 pm //

    Its really sad for us to know that bcwmh is coming to an end soon,but we have to bear with that,its nt easy but we need to get use to it,bwwmh has been a movie that’s we all have grown to love for 3yrz now,it will be hard saying good bye……we just want RICHARD YAP and JODI STA MARIA to be featured together in another similar movie like bcwmh and that will make us all happy..thanks

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