Daniel Padilla Performs ‘All The Small Things’ on ASAP 19 (Video)

Teen King Daniel Padilla sang 'All The Small Things' by 90's boyband Blink 182 on ASAP 19.

Daniel All the Small Things

The Teen King received 8 nominations in the show’s Pop Viewers Choice Awards 2014, of which three categories were shared with his Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo.

Watch Daniel’s performance here:

Daniel Video

7 Comments on Daniel Padilla Performs ‘All The Small Things’ on ASAP 19 (Video)

  1. Get it right, it was one exchange of text, kinilig lang si DJ for some reason. Does not mean that he wants to f..k her or make ligaw. Sometimes we are horny and can’t help it.
    It does not mean he wanted to cheat against Kath.
    . That is the most simple explanation. I don’t think there is more to it. Otherwise, even Tita min will simply tell him to keep the relationship as a business one it’s obvious that Kath is DJ’s girlfriend and issues like that come up. They are in the public eye and of course, any misstep is magnified. Don’t spread assumptions and judgements , it’s not fair to these people, they have feelings too.

  2. Kasi naman they were not talking about her father anymore. Inappropriate naman na kiligin after talking about his operation. So it was about something else.

    They have exchanged texts before siguro so na build up ang sexual tension, from the comfort of their bedrooms, without Sam and tropa ni Sam. Hu Hu Hu.
    Hirap imaginin, remember Joaquin texting chichay how excited he was? I imagine ganoon si DJ that night kinilig tumbong Niya. How can you trust again?

    I won’t be surprised maghiwalay kathniel and jasmine sam and DJ will end up with jasmine in a few years, itutuloy nila yan. 🙁 kasi bitin ang kilig eh? 🙁

  3. Bakit na excite si DJ nang naka receive ng text from Jasmine? Di na ba Niya mahal si Kath? Yan lang ang isang Tanong na gusto kong masa got?
    Dati kay Kath siya kilig na kilg, pero bakit na baling kay jasmine, why?

  4. Produkto ng pagmamahal ng Ina at ng kanyang environment. Siempre May baggage yan, iba iba ang ama ng magkakapatid, walang financial security, lakwatsero, lumaking tambay, role model ang Ina na makapal din ang apog, Baka pintasera pa dahil mga mestizo sila di ba.
    Nag ka pera, di alam dalhin ang biglang yaman, medyo yumabang, pati si Sam concepcion na lait.
    Kailangan ngang patinuin ni Kath otherwise baka si Kath pa ang maging ugaling squatter.

  5. abscbnmobilesimFromPEP // November 17, 2014 at 5:12 pm //

    Walang wala yan sa TWEEN MALE STARS ng WORLDCLASS GMA!!

  6. blessedjanemadrid // November 17, 2014 at 8:13 am //

    echos ni padilla maniwala ka dyan puro lang kayabangan nipadilla sep sep lang yan akala mo kung snong matino mang aagaw lang naman ng may loveteam padilla iw as n iw iw pasira kalang sa career nkathryn intiendies kaya shupi shupi na buhay n kath.

  7. My two cents because I love Kath // November 17, 2014 at 12:17 am //

    DJ is growing up, I hope he learned a big lesson this year. The more success, the more humble he should be.
    What he found in his relationship with Kathryn even in the early stages are security, stability and safety. She might not be his first preference in a GF, not his type etc. but he allowed himself to feel loved and cared for by Kath. Kath may be young but she is completely confident and secure in her heart and her love, which is not probably true with DJ because of his early life. He found in Kath and her mom and family acceptance of who he was and is without judgement. Kath states they are totally opposite and nothing could be farther than the truth. She is not perfect either but she is honest in her heart and always wants the best for DJ. He can’t change overnight but he has the emotional intelligence to recognize his flaws. I hope that he changes for the better because as he gets older, those totally opposite factors will again come into play in his relationships, especially love. If destiny and fate allow, KATH again will be there for him and if this is true love, then they will pass all these tests with flying colors.

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