Viral Video: Bank Teller Sings Like an Angel in ‘The X Factor Ukraine’

In lieu of unexpected breathtaking performances, a Ukrainian bank teller intrigues the judges of "The X Factor Ukraine" as she belts out "Lullaby," originally by Polina Gagarina. This video garnered a whopping 10,202,678 views and counting!

Ukraine X Factor

Onset of the performance, the audience was blown away with her angelic voice. Along with the musical accompaniment it seems like there is some anomaly with her audition piece because her voice is too good to be true, too incredible and one would not believe she is singing live. The judges, overwhelmed by her performance, interrupted her in the middle of the song. They challenged her to sing in acapella, without her background music to prove her ability as a singer. The singer, Aida Nikolaychuk, although quite shocked with the request, carried on and sang without musical accompaniment.

She leaves the judges and the audience in shock as she carries on in singing without any background music, which proves her musicality and timbre is in no way being altered by any sound effects or machine of any sort. Earlier, she was suspected that she was altering her performance by using a phonogram augmenter in musical accompaniment. Seryoga and Ihor Kondratiuk, X-Factor judges who interrupted her performance but they are in for a surprise when she carried on their suspicions were negated and they were astonished by Nikolaychuk’s performance.

The audience was dumbfounded and cheered out her name at the end of her audition piece. The judges were speechless and had nothing but flattering words for Nikolaychuk. Creating an impression is one thing, but disproving a negative impression is another, and she did not just wowed the audience and earned their sympathy, she made sure she deserves it and left an unfading impression which she will carry until the very end of the competition. It is rare nowadays to hear someone who actually sings like an angel, as if we ever heard one singing in real life, but Aida brought heaven on earth with her dynamic performance which moved the hearts of many and has them begging for more. Aida has instant fans not just in the crowd but in the judge’s bench as well.

More than meets the eye (and ear), Nikolaychuk has much more to offer in the following rounds of the contest for she bagged the first place of X-Factor Ukraine Season 2. So much for auto-tune, it has nothing to do with Aida nor does she need it.

Watch the amazing performance here:

Ukraine Video

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  1. rauljoseph // November 14, 2014 at 9:54 am //

    Ngek luma na tong video na to.

  2. 2012 pa ito ah??? 2 yrs ka nang late admin lol

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