3 Phones, Unlimited Calls and More with Sun Cellular’s Group Plan 1299

Sun Cellular unleashed another great promo: the Group Plan 1299! Now your family can do more with one shared plan.

Sun Group Plan 1299

We are a family of three: my mom, my dad and me. And to any family, communication is the tie that binds them together. Parents need to be connected to their children. The children, on the other hand, should always consult their parents in every major and even minor decision making that they’ll take wherever they may be. This is the reason why mobile phones are very useful to families so that the parents can always check on their kids when they’re at school or wherever they may be.

But getting mobile phones with prepaid or postpaid lines for each member of your family can become really expensive and can potentially hurt the household’s monthly budget. This is why Sun Cellular’s latest promo–the Group Plan 1299–is perfect for your family because with just one and affordable shared plan you will get the following:

  • 3 Phones, 3 Lines
  • Unlimited Sun to Sun Calls
  • 750 Texts to Other Networks
  • Unlimited Texts to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text
  • 60 Hours Mobile Surfing
  • FREE Pixpro TV Link that connects your smartphone to your TV. It makes you enjoy bigger screen for watching movies, playing video games and making video calls (Recommended to download iPush app from Google Play store to serve as control menu in your smartphone for the Pixpro TV Link)

The free smartphones under Group Plan 1299 are as follows:
– Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2
– Acer Liquid Z5
– O+ 8.91
– Huawei Y600
– Alcatel Scribe

So what are you waiting for? Get your family the Sun Group Plan 1299 so you can save more and get more! For more details about this promo, visit Sun Cellular’s Plans and Phones page.

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  1. How much the down payment for the plan ?

  2. JOY REYES // April 9, 2015 at 2:32 am //

    Are there others available fones for this plan?

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