‘Halik Sa Dilim’ Chronicles Family’s Encounter with an Obsessed Ghost

A young family moves to a new home to leave behind a bitter past and start anew, but what if a chance encounter with the paranormal puts their lives at risk and leaves them at the mercy of an obsessed and vindictive ghost?

Halik SA Dilim

Such is the premise of the spine-tingling horror-suspense thriller “Halik sa Dilim”, a special TV-movie Halloween presentation which is set to air this Thursday, October 30, 7:00PM on TV5. This original film offering of TV5 is directed by Argel Joseph and stars JC De Vera, Helga Krapf and Nadine Samonte, together with Dang Cruz, Mariel Ponte, Jace Flores, Gio Alvarez, Cita Astals and LJ Moreno.

“Halik sa Dilim” tells the story of Jimuel (JC De Vera), a young doctor who meets the beautiful and seductive Mercedes (Helga Krapf) during a medical mission. Jimuel makes the mistake of getting passionate with the attractive Mercedes, who turns out to be a ghost whose obsession with Jimuel drives her to haunt his wife Charlotte (Nadine Samonte) and daughter Coraline (Mariel Ponte) so that she can have him all for herself.

What follows is a series of hair-raising scenes as the powerful and vengeful ghost of Mercedes violently pursues Charlotte and Coraline. Will Jimuel be able to save his family or will he be possessed by the ghost of Mercedes forever?

Don’t miss the exclusive one-time airing of “Halik sa Dilim” on October 30 at 7:00PM, only on TV5.

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