‘I Do’ Top 4 Couples Play Parents

The top four couples of “I Do” take on the challenges and responsibilities of parenthood this weekend (October 18 and 19) as they experience first-hand the struggles of looking after kids.


Going into the show’s next chapter, each couple will start living in a single house (with the man and woman sleeping separately) to face more real-life tests. On the first day of living together, they will be asked to take care of a baby doll. Later on, they will be tasked watch over a real kid.

Are they ready to start a family? Will the challenges of parenthood bring the couples closer or break them apart?

But before “I Do” reveals its top 4 couples, Chad and Sheela, Chris and Karen, Christian and Chelsea, Emil and Honey, and Jimmy and Kring will go through the ‘Love Karera.’ Korean-Pinay couple Jimmy and Kring stumble on one of the many tasks because of Jimmy’s fear of ducks. Will they easily give up on the challenge?

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