‘Annabelle’ Prank – This Practical Joke is Scarier than the Movie! (Video)

"Annabelle" has just been dubbed by moviegoers as the scariest film of the year. But what will you do if you experience the essence of the movie?

Annabelle Prank

Two of the scariest pranks I’ve seen were from Brazil.

The first was the Ghost in the Elevator prank where a spooky girl will suddenly appear to scare a passenger. The second one was the corpse prank where a corpse from a coffin will come to life and terrorize some passengers in the elevator(WATCH HERE).

Another extreme prank is now getting viral and it also came from Brazil. This one, by the way, is a tie-up with the horror movie “Annabelle” and now being used to promote the film in the South American country.

The “Annabelle Prank” begins with two hired cleaners–the victims–who will experience the terror brought about by the creepy doll.

Witness how they scream in terror in what could be one of the scariest pranks ever:

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