Daniel Padilla Talks About His Ideal Girl (Video)

Teenage heartthrob Daniel Padilla talks about his type of girl, ang babaeng may tapang, in a new video entitled Daniel ♥ Whisper Fearless Girl.

Daniel Whisper

According to Daniel, his ideal girl is #fearless to stand up for what she wants. “Siya yung tipong confident tumayo para sa sarili, hindi niya inuupuan lang ang problema. May tapang na tumayo at talikuran ang nakasanayan, hindi sunud sunuran sa nakagawian. May tapang na tumayo at manguna sa pagbabago. Wala siyang tinatago kaya wala rin siyang kinakatakutan… angat na angat siya sa iba.”

The video takes off from Whisper’s #LikeAgirl campaign that debunks stereotypes on how a girl behaves. The superior sanitary pad brand believes that Filipina adolescents today are less constrained to excel in any field they might want to venture into. However, their confidence is sometimes decreased by concerns about leaks during their period.

Sixty percent of Filipinas today experience leaks, the highest leakage incidence in Asia compared to countries like Japan (21%) and Korea (9%)*. This, coupled with confused feelings about their changing bodies, are the greatest negative drivers of their confidence. Because leaks have become a barrier for young women to take charge of situations, they can sometimes still be perceived in the negative girl stereotype – submissive, timid and hesitant.

Whisper Cottony Long pads are two inches longer than regular pads, giving up to 100% no back leaks, so girls can take control of their leaks, and therefore take control of their lives. With Whisper Cottony Long, these girls can stand up and achieve what they want with confidence.

Whisper challenges Filipina teenagers to make the switch and be a Whisper #fearless girl, the kind that men like Daniel Padilla admire. According to Whisper brand manager Jan Jizelle Ang, “A Whisper girl is a fearless girl, ready to take on anything the world throws at her. Whisper Cottony Long eliminates the fear of back leaks and frees her to confidently live her life to its fullest potential.”

Are you the Whisper #fearless girl that Daniel Padilla is looking for? Find out more about who a Whisper girl is on Whisper Girl Movement.

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  2. love u so much DJ <3 i heart you <3

  3. kathniel for life // October 4, 2014 at 9:05 am //

    I love you Baby!! We love you! :*

  4. Anonymous // October 1, 2014 at 5:27 pm //

    trabaho lang naman kasi yan. Don’t judge. (just saying)

  5. 👍 iba talaga si Daniel Padilla, big deal!

  6. kinikilig na nman ang mga hampaslupang Jejemon dito …charot 🐊

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