Kim Chiu-KC Concepcion Rivalry in ‘Ikaw Lamang’ Heats Up

The rivalry between KC Concepcion and Kim Chiu’s characters in ABS-CBN’s master teleserye “Ikaw Lamang” is set to fire up primetime TV as Natalia (KC) discovers that Jacq (Kim) is her long lost sister Andrea.

KC Concepcion Kim Chiu

As she returns, Natalia is ready to do everything to ruin the life of her only sibling after Andrea destroyed her relationship with Gabriel (Coco Martin). How will Natalia be able to do her evil plans if her father Franco (Christopher de Leon) is protecting Andrea? Is Gabriel going to continue his search for vengeance now that he knows that the woman he loves the most is also the daughter of the man he despises?

Under the direction of Malu Sevilla, Manny Palo, and Avel Sunpongco, master drama series “Ikaw Lamang” is produced by Dreamscape Entertainment Television, the group that created top-rating TV masterpieces such as “Walang Hanggan,” “Ina Kapatid Anak,” and “Juan dela Cruz.”

Don’t miss the much awaited scenes and confrontations in the timeless master teleserye, “Ikaw Lamang,” weeknights after “Hawak Kamay” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For more information about “Ikaw Lamang” visit the show’s official social media accounts, and

31 Comments on Kim Chiu-KC Concepcion Rivalry in ‘Ikaw Lamang’ Heats Up

  1. I don’t really understand the telesery ikaw langmang been having part one and two. can some one clarify me?

  2. you should have seen walang hanggan. same story

  3. Anonymous // October 15, 2014 at 6:05 am //

    All the actors & actresses are absolutely terrific.

    But I don’t think I will ever want to watch another teleserye written by the same writers & directed by the same people.


    After watching Ikaw Lamang Part 1 and now Ikaw Lamang Part 2, I have come to the conclusion that the writers & directors of Ikaw Lamang are obviously SADISTIC people.

    These writers & directors keep trying to kill off the good people and they keep letting the evil people get the upper hand.

    I just watched today’s episode of Ikaw Lamang where both Samuel & Gabriel got shot!

    Plus, on top of that, these writers and directors try to make the good people behave in stupid ways both in Parts 1 & 2.

    The actors & actresses of Ikaw Lamang should start complaining to the writers & directors about how they are made to act in a very stupid way in this teleserye.

    The talents of these actors & actresses deserve better treatment from the writers & directors.

  4. ikaw ang tange kinder pa lang ako

  5. Cindirella // October 10, 2014 at 3:11 am //

    Anong klaseng comment at message yan,,pang GRADE 1,,balik ka nga sa school Kim Chiu puro ka party.Engot mag type sigurado chongang fans lang yan ni Kim hahahahahaha PITY GIRL

  6. ilang beses ng ang party rito ,lagging ginugulo ni Gabriel mahigpit raw ang security pero lagging naroon si Gabriel nasa gitna. susunod na party ay birthday naman ni franco para maiba si Samuel naman ang manggugulo

  7. i love kc’s acting ability on IKAW LAMANG. galing nya.. and christopher de leon.. sila lang pinapanood ko dun eh.. the rest same old acting..

  8. coco martin // October 7, 2014 at 1:29 pm //

    hindi baling pangit ang estorya at hindi marunong umarte ang mga kasama kong artista binabayaran naman ako ng malaki

  9. anonymous // October 7, 2014 at 7:41 am //

    ang bababaw ng mundo nyo, mga writer ng telesrye sa pinas nagkokopyahan, walang sariling idea

  10. I think Anne is 100 percent UGLY GAY…His comment are extremely jealous and nonsense.Forsure he is Monkey Bashres of KC. WE are Fans of #IkawLamangBook2 at idol namin si COCO MARTIN at KC CONCEPCION-Perfect loveteam

  11. Amazing Teleserye `IKAW LAMANG` ,,,,,Gud Acting 4 COCO & KC. We love the role of #Natalia perfect Bida Kontrabida, So Classy,Elegant and Gorgeous Beauty thats why Bashers don`t like her coz of insecurity and biterness.GudJob DreamScape.

  12. Ang ganda po ng storya ng #IL nakaka excite panoorin po.Magaling si gabriel ang guwapo pa,bagay sila ni natalia na napaka ganda.sana po another teleserye kina coco martin at kc concepcion,,,tingin ko mas papatok po tambalana nila over kim chiu na nababagay lang ke xian lim.More scene for gabriel and natalia pls

  13. The Best acting ever ni KC concepcion at kung wala yun Natalia sa teleserye i think super BORING ng story. actually lahat nmn sila magaling pero minsan over acting na si KIM kapag nagpapa cute parang di na bagay sa kanya. Mas effect magpa cute si Cindy lahat na22wa sa kanya. Anywayz Congtraz dahil number ang Ikaw Lamang kahit marami pa itong Bashers. Mas tumindi kasi ang mga pasabog nyo lalo na yun kilig to da bones na scene nina Natalia at Gabriel patok sana kaso marami nabiten.

  14. anonymous // October 7, 2014 at 5:40 am //

    mga teleseryeng Pilipino masayang panoorin kasi kahit drama nakakatawa

  15. anonymous // October 7, 2014 at 1:53 am //

    susunod na awayan half sisters naman o kaya half brother para maiba naman he he

  16. From California, USA // October 6, 2014 at 11:22 am //

    I always look forward on this teleserye – Ikaw Lamang – the only one I watch because Kim Chiu is one of the starts.
    Can’t wait for their 3rd movie with Xiam

  17. Anonymous // October 6, 2014 at 11:18 am //

    Make sure this teleserye will still go on because I love the cast of starts especially my favorite star Kim Chiu

  18. Book 2 is better than the 1st book. All the casts in book2 are great especially Ms. Concepcion. She really gives spice in this story. I didn’t expect that she could be flexible switched her character for being nice, sweet then kontrabida!

    The only thing we all expect what’s gonna be the ending. Andrea and Gabriel will end up together. Natalia will be single and reunite to her sister and mom. Franco will probably die 😀 Pinapaaba lang.

  19. Erlinda Reyes // October 3, 2014 at 2:55 pm //

    I agree that the writers always focus on hate and that they make it look that Filipino families do not love their sisters and that parents are unreasonable and selfish and treat their children as their property and interfere with their lovelife. This is far from the truth. I wish the writers grow up and get a true story and not just copy stories that made money because they have intrigued people in taking sides for their favorite characters. I feel that the writers are old and that their themes are out of date. We need young writers who can write real good stories and bring out the Filipino values that the world can admire.

  20. Happy but most of the time annoyed watcher of Telesery // October 3, 2014 at 12:36 pm //

    The actors are excellent particularly Kim Chiu. KC Conception has her moments of good acting; not consistent..Over acting na sometimes.

    In my opinion, Jake Cueca is the worst. When he delivers his lines he’s like holding back his teeth from falling and when he walks and run it looks like he’s holding back something in between his legs. The way Cuenca acts, it’s annoying. I am not a basher, I am just giving my opinion

    The show gives too much highlight on killing, hatred and portraying money will bring power to do anything, also the underdogs will have to suffer greatly before they can achieve their goals.

    People watching this show, I suppose a lot of them from the lower economic strata, might get the illusion that “OK, I Need to have lots of money so I can be powerful and do whatever I want”. But because it is an illusion, they’ll try to make it a reality and start stealing or selling drugs or start participating in illegal activities. Seriously, the bad message of the story outweighs the good.

    All the teleseryes I’ve watched have similar themes: power, wealth, killing, suffering of the underdogs from the rich. The only difference is the story lines and the artists

    I am still waiting for the best teleserye to come (pls don’t cast Jake Cueca in the best teleserye I am waiting for). Also stop the habit of focusing the camera for the longest time on the face of the artist to show that she’s crying.

    It’s good you have this starmometer because I can say the parts of the teleserye that annoys me most.

    Thanks Starmometer : )

  21. mga teleserye sa pilipinas pare pareho ng istorya

  22. Anonymous // October 1, 2014 at 11:42 pm //

    baka ikaw ang bakla Anne… ingit ka lang kasi beuaty and brain si Kc…

  23. si KC maganda naman siya at magaling na artista,pero minsan para syang bakla.parang ams bagay kung naging lalake nalang siya.

  24. Every night pinapanood namin to,kaso parang nakakasawa na yung tema na magkapatid nag-aaway..nakakasawa ng panoorin ang ganyan,sana iniba nalang ang story.pero ang gagaling naman nilang lahat walang duda.

  25. hate bashers // October 1, 2014 at 4:38 pm //

    Ang GAGANDA talaga na mga cast nang IKaw Lamang at
    ang gagaling pang umarte. Five Stars Ako up to 100 stars.
    Clap! Clap!!!!

  26. hate bashers // October 1, 2014 at 4:35 pm //

    Mga Bashers/ Haters nang Ikaw Lamang. Inggit lang kayo kasi mas super magaganda sila sa inyo. Ha! HA! HA!
    INGGITERA talaga kayong bashers. OMG!!!

  27. One of the best teleserye’s we’ve watched in Philippine TV, competent actors and actresses esp. Kim, Cherry Pie, Tirso and all…

  28. The casting is excellent, Christopher De Leon is a very extraordinary actor …he has adopted the acting nuances of Jake Cuenca.

    Just asking though, kailangan ba mag-aaway ang pamilya – magkapatid, para maging maganda ang istorya? The moral values being imparted is the only thumbs down here.

    This kind of story has a way of influencing the way its viewers think and behave.

    It is no wonder then the kind of society we have now.

  29. Anonymous // October 1, 2014 at 5:41 am //

    Wala ng maisip may nawawala na namang kapatid! Ano ba yan ganong formula na naman, kakasawa na. Please ibang idtorya naman! Wag sana magrason ang mgt. na e di wag kang manonood. Wag na talaga ako manonood nyan. Hindi naman ako kawalan

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