‘Be Careful With My Heart’ to Air ‘Happy Ever After’ Ending this November

Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap shared that their “Be Careful With My Heart” family will be forever grateful to all ABS-CBN TV and online viewers across the globe who joined Maya (Jodi) and Ser Chief (Richard) in their journey towards ‘happy ever after’ since the daytime series premiered on July 9, 2012.


“Be Careful’ changed my life. At our age, Richard and I did not expect that we would experience having albums, world tours, endorsements, and most of all, a love team! All these blessings came our way because of our viewers love and God’s grace,” said the 31 year-old actress who is now popularly known as Maya, the optimistic provincial lass who worked hard to achieve her dream of becoming a flight stewardess.

“Most of the time, our fans thank us because of the happiness and inspiration that they get through the show. But in reality, they are the true reason why all of our episodes come out beautifully. Because of them, we are always inspired to work,” said Richard, or Ser Chief to his legions of supporters worldwide.

For more than two years, Kapamilya viewers witnessed how Maya and Ser Chief filled daytime TV with their ‘moments of love and happiness,’ initially as employee and boss, then as sweethearts, couple and until now that their fulfilled parents to Luke (Jerome Ponce), Nikki (Janella Salvador), Abby (Mutya Orquia) and to their twins Sky and Sunshine (Jeo Angelo Arquines and Elisha Maurice delos Santos). And just like all well-loved fairytales, a ‘Happy Ever After’ is set to happen in Maya and Ser Chief’s love story. This TV event will be shown on November 28 (Friday).

When asked as to how they want their show to be remembered by the public, Jodi and Richard almost shared the same feeling.

“I hope they bring to mind all the moments that made them smile and those that gave them joy, hope and inspiration,” said Jodi who confessed that since she became part of the top-rating Kapamilya romantic series, she became more positive about life and thankful to God for all the blessings that come into her life.

“Aside from happiness and hope, I wish they will remember ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ as a teleserye that taught them to do good to others,” shared Richard.

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  1. I watch this teleserye since day one, I’m sure mamimiss ko clang lahat.. 😥😥😥

  2. I’m sure my papalit dyan mganda sa timeslot ng BE CAREFUL…nga-nga na nman ang tga kapuspalad…

  3. I’m sure my papalit dyan mganda sa timeslit ng BE CAREFUL…nga-nga na nman ang tga kapuspalad…

  4. you and your big mouth Senyora becareful!!

  5. You’re so Evil!!

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