Marlisa Punzalan Sings Pink’s ‘Try’ on The X Factor Australia Season 6 Top 7

After taking on Metallica last week, Marlisa Punzalan sang Pink's "Try" this time on The X Factor Australia stage.

Marlisa Sings Pink

I agree with what Dannii said on the first half of her comment, Marlisa is getting better and more confident every week. But saying that the performance had her at the end and not at the beginning was a complete BS. If you’re gonna praise the girl and tell her that she’s getting better and end your comment with a criticism like that, you’re only conflicting your own statements. Ronan came to the rescue.

Go Ronan! Go Marlisa!

Judges Thoughts:

Natalie Bassingthwaighte said “I really think that last week was my favorite performance of yours but I have to say, I think that might have just topped it. I thought that was fantastic, so powerful. I think you’re going just up up up.”

Redfoo said “Your attitude on that song was perfect. And that’s what I love because Marlisa’s so sweet and so nice but this song is a motivational song and you’re really speakin’ to the people…you affected me with your conviction and that’s what it takes to become a pop star.”

Dannii Minogue said “Getting better every week. The vocals were great, the moves were great. But you had me at the end of the song, you didn’t had me at the beginning.”

Ronan Keating said “Marlisa if you ask me that should have been a standing ovation from all of the judges and I’m not sure why they didn’t stand up. But you’ve heard those comments, positive and incredible comments. And I think they’re just tired…that performance was electric!”

Marlisa Punzalan – “Try”:

Marlisa’s previous performances on “The X Factor Australia”:

6 Comments on Marlisa Punzalan Sings Pink’s ‘Try’ on The X Factor Australia Season 6 Top 7

  1. Love her voice its so powerful!!!! The emotion is there but looking for some more of it…

  2. C marianne ay maldita at palengkerang actress na bobo.hinde sya marunong kumanta at pagsumayaw naman kimbot lang walang class at grace sumayaw.

  3. What amazes me everytime she sings is… She can rock the whole stage…with only her alone standing… With her Voice everytime… No props.. No dancers…

  4. paano naman napasok si marianne r. dito kaloka…….mentality crab……..

  5. // September 24, 2014 at 1:44 pm //

    Sorry pero parang nasa perya lang kumanta. Walang-wala siya sa galing ni Marian Rivera! Isang royal actress! Worldclass GMA, hollywood levels..

  6. She’s getting fiercer and stronger every week!UP UP UP for Marlisa indeed!

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