‘Wattpad Presents’ Premieres Sept 22 on TV5

For the first time on Philippine television, some of the most popular stories loved and shared by the world’s largest community of readers and writers on Wattpad will be featured in a series of TV adaptations that will air on TV5 beginning September 22.

In the daily primetime mini-series “Wattpad Presents”, TV5 brings to life the characters in the widely read love stories shared by up and coming authors whose novels have gained a huge following of readers and fans on Wattpad

Wattpad started in 2006 and has established a dynamic and interactive community of readers and writers from around the world. It has a community of 35 million readers, 5 million of which are Philippine users who spent close to one billion minutes immersed in Wattpad’s free stories in the previous month alone. Wattpad has become so popular in the country that a number of budding Filipino writers have grown their own fan-base of readers, while some of their stories have already been bought by major film outfits and have become blockbuster hits.

My Tag Boyfriend

With TV5’s Wattpad Presents, Wattpad fans need not pay for movie tickets as they will be able to watch their favorite love stories for free as they unfold in week-long mini-series that will air daily on the Kapatid Network’s primetime block. For its initial offering, TV5’s Wattpad Presents shows “My Tag Boyfriend” – the story of Wattpad author Maevelanne which already has 15.2 million reads – featuring the first TV pair-up of TV5 princess Jasmine Curtis Smith and Sam Concepcion. Jasmine portrays the role of Sitti Sandoval, a self-confessed Facebook addict who mistakenly tagged campus heartthrob Kaizer Buenavista (Sam Concepcion) in one of her Facebook posts. What follows is a series of funny but “kilig” encounters that will lead to a romantic twist. “My Tag Boyfriend” airs daily for a week starting on September 22.

Miss Popular Meets Miss Nobody

For its second offering, Wattpad Presents brings the story of “Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody” to television where Artista Academy scholar Mark Neumann plays the famous role of Kyle Shin-Woo, the perfect guy who falls head over heels in love with an ordinary girl named Chelsea Torres, to be played by Shaira Mae dela Cruz. Watch and find out how author Pinkyjhewelii got 11.9M followers hooked with the magic of love between Mr Popular Kyle and Ms Nobody Chelsea. “Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody” begins airing on September 29. For its third instalment, Wattpad Presents showcases author Maxinejiji’s touching story of “Poser” which has almost 400k followers and readers who fell in love with the fictional characters of Brix Torres and Jammy Ocampo. Artista Academy scholars Akihiro Blanco and Chanel Morales will both give life to these well-loved characters and show how it is to fall in love beyond pretences. “Poser” is the Wattpad Presents feature for the week of October 6.


Lastly, Wattpad Presents also offers the modern-age Cinderella story of Wattpad entitled “Almost a Cinderella Story”, written by Soju and with over 500,000 reads on Wattpad. Fall in love with the modern yet hilarious twist to the well-loved fairytale as Carl Guerra’s character, Alden, goes in search of his Cinderella, Ekang, portrayed by Eula Caballero. “Almost a Cinderella Story” begins airing on October 13.

Almost a Cinderella STory

Stay tuned and fall in love every night as Wattpad Presents brings the most touching and compelling TV adaptations of huge Wattpad hits, most of which are now printed books published through LIB Creatives Publishing. Find out why these stories have become a craze in the Wattpad community and get to know their bigger-than-life characters, who will be portrayed by TV5’s line-up of fresh and up-and-coming stars. Wattpad Presents will air Monday to Friday at 7PM starting on September 22, only on TV5.

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  2. geonange guk // March 15, 2016 at 3:34 pm //

    ang ganda nla papanuurin nakakakilig

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  4. shaira mae and mark perfect love team
    I can feel the sense of love …
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    Bagay na bagay talaga si MR POPULAR at Miss NOBODY diba????

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  8. Maganda ang wattpad

  9. sana meron na yung trip inlove or fall inlove kailan ba yun iprepresent? I’m so excited na kacii .. <3

  10. Sana laging update ang mga wattpad story sa youtube para namn maulit ulit at higit sa lahat ang TAG BOYFRIEND 🙂

  11. Sana laging update ang mga wattpad story sa youtube para namn maulit ulit at higit sa lahat ang TAG BOYFRIEND 🙂

  12. sana maulit ng mr popular meet ms nobbody

  13. Hahahaha!give justice to wattpad stories.Pumili kayo ng matinong artista na bagay talaga sa character. Kung wala rin naman wag na lang gawing tv series nakakasira lang sa mga stories ang gaganda pa naman.

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